Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday Threads - 50's Style

Things I love:
50's Style

Imagine my excitement when I find all three of these in one.

This dress is one of my favorites. 
It goes right above the knee, has a slight sweetheart cut, has a wonderful waistline, and a perfect bow.
It was also on sale. I was in love. 
The only problem- it was size medium, and the last one left.
You see, I am part of the IBTC (Itty Bitty Titty Committee)
This dress had a lot of extra room up there..
I bought it and decided to fix it a bit.

I may not be able to impress much in the chest area..
but Brad sure was impressed when I came out with a good fitting dress,
when it had looked like a tent before.
I'll take what I can get.

This outfit is very simple.
Just a dress and some shoes.
I like it like that.

Floral Dress- Mosa Cozy
Grey Faux Suede Heels- Charlotte Russe


  1. That dress is ADORABLE on you!!! <3 I admire your fix-'em-up skills!

  2. Eee! Thanks so much Angie!! I'm hopeful the fix-'em up skills outweigh the lack of other goods.. ;) hahaha

  3. love the dress! I absolutely love your hair!

  4. Thanks drelinGirl!! I'm actually thinking of doing all my hairs pink! It's just so fun!!

  5. I recently discovered your blog (via the Craftgawker App) and I must say you are lovely and a joy to read. Also, you gave me The nudge I needed to finish my own cowl/scarf/hood knit. Thanks and I hope you kick the cold!!

  6. you look super cute. i love being on the IBTC myself- so much simpler that way! (and less sagging when we get older! ;)

  7. Thanks so much Crystal! I'm glad you finished your cowl/scarf! I want to see it!!
    Ha yes Bethany! I am pretty proud to be on the IBTC. :) I would look silly with big ones!!

  8. Go IBTC! I am right in there with you, but happy about it.

  9. IBTC! IBTC! Such a pretty dress! I'm working on fixing a thrift store dress I found as well :) I love being able to sew!

  10. I'm glad there are lots of members of the IBTC. :)

  11. that dress with those shoes = perfection. looks so cute on you!


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