Thursday, January 13, 2011

Keeping Busy, Part 1

I have been keeping myself very busy. I don't like to stay in the house all day... so I've been busy playing with friends, and making new things for the shop! I have just added some new hats, and 3 new necklaces to the shop. These items are going to be one of a kind and I won't make them again once they are sold... So they are first come first serve, you snooze you loose sort of a thing.. but let me honest, I might be able to be bribed.. I mean, come on.
(Insert smiley face) 

I'm in a bit of a weird mood. I was up late last night, and I worked all day today, filling orders, putting together new necklaces, taking photos, editing photos, cleaning the house and then listing. 
It's been a crazy busy day. But it needed to happen.

p.s. The two olive green hats are different from each other. One is a bit larger in the back.

These can all be found here!

It's been a really long time since I have added anything to any of my shops.. I forgot how good it felt. It feels real good. Tomorrow I hope to post even more! But for now.. this tired girl must sleep.

My little brother was writing a paper for school and wanted to know what to do to make it long enough. I told him to change his font to Courier New. Suddenly his paper was about 2 pages longer. 
Sister of the year award? Yes please.  


  1. Lol, I love it! Your hats are so stinkin cute! And yes, sister of the year! I think so!!!

  2. good for you girlie! i'm glad you're keeping busy.. the dark lipstick is cute, as is the font change suggestion! rad.

  3. hahahahahaha courier new has saved my butt many times! such a life saver when you're trying to actually live your life and have a good time, not write a stupid paper that you've procrastinated for the past 2 weeks (man.. i wish i still had TWO WEEKS to finish a paper, that's only two pages! ha!)

    anyway, the hats are SUPER cute... super tempting!

    have a lovely rest of the week, pretty lady!!!

  4. lol. YES! I remember writing papers and changing the font to make it longer!!! :)
    I LOVE your new hats!!! and those necklaces are SO beautiful!!!!
    Have a wonderful day friend!!

  5. Hahaha! Great suggestion for your brother! :)
    And cute stuff.

  6. I totally want to buy that HAT I think I am going to go to your shop now and buy it. I hope that it is still there! Have a good day, your photos are all so pretty ♥

  7. Oooh, girlie! Lovin the eye/lip makeup combo.

  8. I wish I could crochet like you....what shade of lipstick is that?


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