Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Things I Love Right Now

I've been so very busy lately. I hate it when I don't get to leave the house. I get a small case of cabin fever. Sometimes I have to just put down my work for a little while and go on an adventure. The other day I asked Taylor to drive me around so I could see the beautiful leaves changing color. I asked him to pull over many times  at very short notice so I could get out and walk around. I love everything about fall, and I love my very patient husband.

A few other things I love:

I love seeing green, red and yellow together in nature.
I love when the trees appear to glow.
I love discovering huge lakes close by my house.
I love feeling small in this big world!
I love reflections,
and I love marbled skies.
I love mysterious forests,
And beautiful hills.
I love my best pal Taylor,
because he thinks I smell nice.
I love perfect roads.
I love overcast days.
I love brown hues,
and I love old railroads!

Most of all,
 I love spontaneous adventures.


  1. What beautiful photos!!!
    The railroad tracks look so magical. {Like you never know what may be at the end!}
    And that is a perfect road!!!
    What a lovely adventure you took!
    Hope you have a magical day,

  2. i want to walk down that road right now and see where it leads. there is nothing better than crisp air, colored leaves and the smell of fall :)

  3. you and taylor like to do just what james and i do. love it. spontaneous adventures are the best!

  4. the reflection and the perfect hill are awesome.. not that they all aren't! i love love love that perfect road!

    hmm, you've inspired me. maybe today needs to be an adventure day!

  5. Lovely photos :¬)
    I love autumn, as you can see from my paintings ;)

  6. rachael,
    you should seriously come to washington or oregon if you haven't yet.
    i live on one of those "perfect roads".
    wonderful photos!

  7. I love the pic of you and Taylor as he's enjoying your scent... that's love right there... all the other pics are great too... sounds like a fun adventure...

  8. You're so lucky to be married to that sexy animal. I freakin love his hair right now, and you should tell him I said that. :D

  9. I get cabin fever all the time too. Living in a 1 bedroom 500 sq ft apartment with a husband and bigfoot for a dog does that to you sometimes haha! But fall adventures cure cabin fever fast!

  10. These pictures are amazing!!!<3

  11. Love them all but especially the railroad tracks. I remember playing by some abandoned ones as a kid.

  12. God's gift to Arkansas is the fall! I am glad you are finding so many beautiful places!


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