Friday, October 22, 2010

In The Workshop

This week had been crazier than crazy. I've put my shop on vacation mode until I can catch up. I haven't had much time for blogging because I want people to have their hats as soon as possible! Here are a few quick shots from my "Workshop."
 Little sticker labels
 The tags that go inside the hats
 The two monsters that help make things fun
 My prized colored pencils
 Little sketch from my sketchbook
 My pastels
The sky right outside my door. 

Another thing that caused me to have a bit of a crazy week.. 
I just found out we are moving back to Memphis.
Next Saturday.


  1. wow, i need to learn to roll with the punches like you do. and i like your monsters.

  2. You're moving again?! What does your husband do?

  3. BethanySusan- Thanks! I like my monsters too. ;)
    WindsorGrace- My husband works for a security company, you wouldn't think they need us to move to much huh?! They just put us where they need us I guess.. :)

  4. I love your animals. Makes me wish I had some...

  5. I love your little monsters!!!
    They are SO adorable!!! My little fur balls help me with my shop too!! :)
    Have a wonderful day
    P.S. Post photos when you dye your hair!!!

  6. Your "monsters" are adorable ;-)
    I have a dog, Penny: she is my ispiration and my smile

  7. Memphis will be fun.I hope I get to go over there to see you soon.

  8. oh lovely photos, I hope one day you can post a tutorial on drawing, I've never been so good with coloring :< and I am a big fan of your hats!

  9. these photos are dreamy! I wish I was home right now creating something pretty!


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