Thursday, October 14, 2010


You may have noticed my art is no longer available at Well that is because it can now be found here. You are probably thinking.. "3 shops?! This girl is crazy." This is probably true. Having an "Art Only" shop was kind of my plan from the beginning, but it took some advice from Mindy to really convince me to do it. I'm a little nervous it won't do well.. but it's worth a try right?

And of course you have probably noticed the new look of my blog. I got rid of that big ol banner thing and exchanged it for a simple handwritten title and some hand drawn doodles. I'm quite pleased with the results.. but now you know my handwriting.

I've also added some new hats to the shop!

I've been working on getting some of the animal hats into "beanie" form. 
Right now, it's whenever I have time, but if you would like a custom animal hat as a beanie hat just let me know!

I've also added some grizzly bear hats!
Check them out here.


  1. I love the new banner! It's so cute! Good luck with your 3rd shop...I am sure it will be a success as you're art is fab! x

  2. I love your grizzly bear hats!! They are so witty and cute!
    I'm following you now :D <3

  3. your blog looks totally cute! the hats are adorable! i hope your art does well.. it's beautiful, why shouldn't it?? ;)

  4. the hats are so cute, and i hope the change works out for you! i debate making multiple shops like every ten minutes, but haven't taken the plunge yet. i think all your stuff looks great :)


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