Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Day At The Fair

Yesterday my friend Mindy and I went to the State Fair together. Oh my, it was so much fun. I'm always a little nervous when I hang out with someone new, (even though we already have hung out) but Mindy is so sweet and comfortable to be around. It was a beautiful day for a fair.
We decided to buy all-day passes so we could ride rides. 
I can't remember the last time I rode on rides.. maybe 5-6 years! 
We rode on the carousel, but we weren't allowed to ride on the horses. I was just a bit disappointed.

We rode the ferris wheel... I bet you didn't know this about me, but I'm totally afraid of heights. 
I did pretty good though. 

View from the top. The fair was almost empty!
 After a few too many spinning rides we needed a break.
Especially me. I had to sit down and hold my head for a minute.
We decided to see the animals.

 Mr. Second place winner destroyed his ribbon.. he thought he deserved first place, obviously.
Bunnies are so adorable! I wanted to cuddle every single one.
 Oh my.. I love this guy.
We ate wonderful fair food, corn dogs and fried twinkies. 

 They were so messy!
They were way better than I expected. 
I thought about trying frog legs and chocolate covered bacon.. maybe next time.

 After walking around the fair we went into a Mobile Art Museum and looked around. 
Just as we did it started pouring rain and hail. We took shelter in there and chatted with the owner for about an hour while everyone else had to take shelter in the animal barns. I felt pretty lucky.

 After the rain let up it continued on to be a beautiful day.
Oh I love carnivals!



  1. Beautiful pictures! I'm so sad that I missed out on the carnival that we had here recently in Birmingham!

  2. I love a good state fair! Utah state fairs are not as much fun as the ones in the south. Don't forget to try the catfish. It really is good.

  3. looks like so much fun! and i am just LOVING all of the photos! so magical :)


  4. Wow, I love these photos and the first picture of the bunny totally made me smile! So chubby and cuddly and whaa! Love it!

  5. omg next time try the frog legs! my father in law makes frog leg chili and i've never had the courage to try it... next time he makes it i'm totally getting a bowl!

    p.s. -- i can't remember what that animal is called that you took a picture of, but every time i go to the fair and see them i want to take one home {preferably one with polka dots!}

  6. Incredible pics! Love the mood.. looked like so much fun..brings me back to my childhood..

  7. Looked you had a fab time!!! I love the pictures!!! What camera are you using? Do you use any lents? x

  8. Your pictures are so amazing! I actually just did my fair post and guess what I'm afraid of heights too. My husband talked me into riding the ferris wheel. I'm glad he did but it was nerve-racking!
    Loved you bunny photos so much!

  9. wow, Rachael, those last three pics are blowing me away! They would make a stunning print series. GAH I need more wall space!

  10. {oh, and the fair looks fun, that's cool you dodged the rain, you ladies and the bunnies are cute, i don't like fair rides either, the llama is awesome, and you have made me hungry for un-food!)

  11. very lovely photos. i especially enjoy the nibbled ribbon :)

  12. i like the way you changed your blog. its very cute :)

  13. the photos are lovely and those are some really cute bunnies! those twinkies looks so tasty!


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