Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Favorites: Birds Of A Feather..

I love birds. I would love to own a bird so I could hear his song everyday. Sadly I move so much I wouldn't be able to bring him with me, plus I think I would feel bad for caging an animal that is meant to fly free. This weeks Friday Favorites is centered all around beautiful birds.

HUMMINGBIRD Original watercolor painting by dimdi

Raven Leather Mask by SundriesAndPlunder

On the Wings of a Feather necklace by violetbella

Flying Birds Vinyl Wall Decal by HomeDecals

 Bempton the Puffin Real Bird Tweet by feltmeupdesigns

 Mom's Nest by sjengraving


I can't believe it's  Friday already! This week went by so fast. Do you have any plans for the weekend?



  1. just to work and then create. lol. Hope that you have a nice weekend! Like the new look to your blog!

  2. Just popped over from twitter, the blog looks fantastic! I will be busy this weekend making a gigantic birthday cake. Happy Weekend to you!

  3. woo hoo, thank you my beautiful friend. great post and honored to be included! thanks for letting me know via etsy. your the best!

  4. Wow!!Thank you for adding my little hummingbird in this wonderful collection!!!!! :)

  5. I love birds too! Used to own a cockatiel. He was such a sweet pet. Now I have a bird themed bathroom. Strange I know but I love it.

  6. Violet Bella's creations are just insane lovely!


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