Tuesday, September 14, 2010


One day I just decided to believe in just about everything. It makes the world seem a little bit more magical. Yes, I believe in big foot, aliens and ghosts. I believe in wishes, spells and spirits.  I am also a pretty superstitious person. I make wishes at 11:11 and get really excited when I see a head-side up penny. I throw spilled salt over my shoulder, and knock on wood.

Why you ask? 

Well.. Why not? 

Here are a few of my favorite superstitions.
  • An acorn should be carried to bring luck and ensure a long life.
  • To predict the sex of a baby: Suspend a wedding band held by a piece of thread or hair over the palm of the pregnant girl. If the ring swings in an oval or circular motion the baby will be a girl. If the ring swings in a straight line the baby will be a boy.
  • It's bad luck to put a hat on a bed.
  • The sound of bells drives away demons because they're afraid of the loud noise.
  • When a bell rings, a new angel has received his wings.
  • A loaf of bread should never be turned upside down after a slice has been cut from it.
  • Never take a broom along when you move. Throw it out and buy a new one.
  • Three butterflies together mean good luck.
  • A broken mirror is seven years bad luck.

  • Evil spirits can't harm you when you stand inside a circle.
  • It's bad luck to pick up a coin if it's tails side up. Good luck comes if it's heads up.
  • If an eyelash falls out, put it on the back of the hand, make a wish and throw it over your shoulder. If it flies off the hand the wish will be granted.
  • Stabbing your needles though your yarn balls brings bad luck to anyone who wears something made from that yarn.
  • It is bad luck to walk under a ladder.
  • Put salt on the doorstep of a new house and no evil can enter.
  • Bad luck will follow the spilling of salt unless a pinch is thrown over the left shoulder into the face of the devil waiting there.
  • It's bad luck to open an umbrella inside the house, especially if you put it over your head.
  • Knock three times on wood after mentioning good fortune so evil spirits won't ruin it.
  • If you tell someone your wish, it won't come true.
  • If you catch a falling leaf on the first day of autumn you will not catch a cold all winter.
  • If a black cat walks towards you, it brings good fortune, but if it walks away, it takes the good luck with it.

"Superstition" is an 8x10 acrylic painting on canvas board. Specially done for the Halloween season.
This painting, along with prints is now available in the shop.


  1. My aunt has always done the sex of your baby with the ring. And she is ALWAYS right!

  2. Oh no I have six hats on my bed posts. Lucky i'm not superstitious. And I have been known to stab my needles through my yarn. The ones I like are that if your give someone a purse with no money in it it's bad luck, my sister has done this to me twice. And giving someone knifes as a present cuts the friendship, I did this to my sister.

  3. lol!! its a cool post! lots of things I've never heard of, sometimes my parents like believeing in superstition, idk if its true but it wont hurt to follow xD

  4. I'm going to try the falling leaf and acorn one. They sound cute!

  5. Your great grandparents used to think it was bad to drink milk and eat fish at the same meal. I don't know what happens... I have done it lots of times just to prove that it was wrong.

  6. My mother had a few, the one about the hat on the bed, it is so embedded in me that I cringe when I see a hat on any bed, I won't walk under ladders for fear of something falling on me, the person or the ladder, it's hard to find salt in my house because of hypertension, LOL.

    There is one my Mom had about splitting objescts when walking with someone, lamp post, trees, poles, what have you, it's bad luck. She use to make me go back and return in her path or she would go back and follow mine. To this day I will not let my kids split anything when walking with me.

  7. what i great post! i too love the falling leaf superstition :) i just love walking through the leaves falling its calming.


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