Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mail Time!

I just love mail. Opening packages is definitely one of my favorite things. It's like presents! Except most of the time you know what's in the package because you paid for it... but it's still fun!
I got home to the cutest package waiting on my doorstep. You can't see if from here.. but the address label was the cutest thing in the world. Inside the package were some awesome posters from A Vintage Poster.

My friend Sara has an online poster company and it is to die for. We were in the same art classes in high school and I'm really glad we have kept in touch after all these years because she was one of my favorites. She always made me laugh, and now even though I'm 2000 miles away from Utah she still makes me laugh with her cute blog. Please check out her adorable poster store, you won't be disappointed.
I hung all three up next to each other to skillfully hide some huge unsightly holes left by the other residents before us. I love how the three compliment each other, without having to match perfectly.

I also received a new fisheye lens for my camera. Taylor tried to talk me out of ordering it.. 

He asked, "Why do you need a fisheye lens?"

My reply, "To make our silly looking dog look even sillier!"
And of course take loads of pictures of trees.. my favorite subject.


  1. I love the way that lens makes pictures look! And those posters are fantastic. I'm now following her blog and I will be visiting the shop, too. I think I might need some of those posters for my house. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. the fisheye! i am jealous. those are some sweet shots.

    THANK YOU for the shout out! your comment about the address label made my day. that's the reaction i was hoping for. i'm really glad we've stayed in touch too. your photos / creativity always inspire me (literally, "the traveller" poster was inspired by all your adventures) glad they covered up those holes too ;)

  3. REALLY love the posters! will also be checking out the shop. :)

  4. fisheye'ing pets it the best thing ever! and those prints are awesome!!


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