Monday, September 13, 2010

Evil Twin

I have been so busy lately! I think I have been going through "blog withdrawals." I missed posting, and reading, and commenting. BUT I am almost all caught up so I can start blogging again on a regular basis. I can also get back to painting, I haven't painted in almost two weeks! 

But I feel like I should inform you of a few new things going on.

First off.

I have started a new shop!

I have been debating on this for many many months. I finally decided to open it. I was holding out on opening a second shop because Talk2thetrees was doing pretty well. It's just there are some things I make that don't fit under Talk2thetrees.

I'll explain:

There are definitely two sides to me. One is a forest walking, sunlight loving, tree talking sort of a gal. The other is just a little bit darker. A cemetery sneaking, ghost hunting, blood and bones are pretty cool kind of a gal.

I live day to day with the two sides in balance. I don't hide my "darker side" one bit... but it's a little difficult to combine that in one shop. I would hate to have someone looking for a pixie hat turned off by a bloody painting. Or have someone looking for a bloody painting (I know there is someone out there) turned off by a pixie hat.

So without further ado, may I introduce you to Talk2thetrees' evil twin A Morbid Monster.

So far it's just photography, but I will be adding some new paintings to it very soon.
So help me out and give my new shop some love, hearts and maybe take a button to spread the word.


I will still be posting here, that means I won't be opening a new blog for "A Morbid Monster." I also probably won't be creating a new facebook page. I'll just update everything here for now.

Halloween is coming up and I'm so very excited. Halloween is my favorite holiday. Here are a few new paintings I finished last week.

These are listed on Talk2thetrees for Halloween, but may be moved to A Morbid Monster.

I try to stick to classic vampires. You know, pale skin, widow's peak, needs human blood, sleeps during the day the sun will kill them kind. (Not the sparkling kind.)


  1. I'm very excited for Halloween too! And I'm glad you like to stick to classic vampires. I'm not a fan of the new school ones.

  2. I used to be a fan of those sparkling vampires. Not anymore. That whole thing was totally beat to death. I'm glad you're going with the classic ones.

  3. so excited for your new shop, i am so obsessed with halloween and cemetaries and everything creepy!!!

  4. congrats on opening your new shop, that's so great!

  5. oh wow somehows I can relate to having two sides of the same coin, well i love the two sides of you <3



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