Sunday, September 26, 2010

I really do love Etsy so much. I've met some wonderful people through it. I love purchasing things from Etsy because I know that it's coming from a real person, and if they are like me, they put a lot of love into their products. That's something that you can't get at WalMart. Another thing I love so much about the sellers are if there is a problem most are willing to fix it right away.

I recently purchased a few things from some sellers on Etsy, but Taylor's job had us move before I was able to get the packages! I tried putting my mail on hold, changing my address, forwarding my mail... but nothing worked. I was not able to get the packages.

I felt so bad, but I talked to the sellers about it and they both reshipped to me! Both sellers were so sweet about it. 

Here is Mowgli sporting his beautiful new collar from Beary's. Mowgli has a funny way of walking. It's more like a prance. He prances around the house like he is a little prince. I came across this collar; the "Prince Charming" collar. I had to get it. I was perfect for my silly little prancing monster. I get such a kick out of him wearing it. I giggle a little bit every time I see his silly face. Beary's has some really cute and affordable collars. Plus the seller was incredibly helpful and sweet! Mowgli's first collar never made it to me, and she made him another one and reshipped! It meant so much to me!

I also purchased a few things from Orangethyme. I made the purchase, but then had to move suddenly. I was so sad because I knew it would be lost. Rachel from Oranethyme was so sweet about it and reshipped! She included some sweet soaps and some other little goodies for me. Her products are amazing and smell so delicious. Everything was so cutely packaged too! Just ask my mom, I was on the phone with her going, "Oooo! Awww!"

Now, the challenge will be keeping my new lip balms out of my little prince's mouth. 
He loves to taste my chapstick.


  1. Yeah for Etsy, I am addicted to it. I love being on it . I love the little dog's collar.
    It is so pretty.

  2. The genuine nature of these shop patrons definitely show the value in buying handmade. There is such integrity in it,

    Yah for all of them,

  3. love etsy. those look yummy. your dog is adorable!

  4. Bella prances too, it's hilarious.

  5. Hi, saw your blog by chance in "my Little Sunshine" facebook... I can't but agree with you.. I'm so addicted in buying stuff at etsy and so such wonderful sellers... I had an order a month ago and it still haven't arrived (i think someone knew it's filled with good stuff so hid it!), Rachel is so sweet and kind to send another one on the way.. nice meeting you~ =)

  6. he's so cute in his little collar.

  7. oh he is just adorable and wow, I can almost smell those lip balms! I love caramel scents!


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