Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hair History. (Embarrassing)

I haven't always had a pixie cut. 
In fact I had long and crazy hair until my senior year of high school.
 This was back when I was part cat/cheetah... 2nd grade maybe?

In highschool I had quite the mane of hair. (I really didn't brush it.)
I can't find any good pictures of that.. but it looked similar to the above picture.

In the middle of my senior year I cut all of my hair off. 
I can't say exactly what brought me to do such a thing, but I'm glad I did.
 I loved having short hair. Nobody could convince me to grow it back out.
(Believe me they tried)
 I was told some other pretty awful things, I was told I looked like a little boy.
But I felt myself, and there is nothing wrong with feeling like yourself.

I told myself I would only grow it out if the right boy asked me to.

Then I met Taylor

I met Taylor while I was in college.
We fell in love and he asked me to grow it out. 
People do crazy things when they are in love.. right?

So I grew it out. I didn't like it, but I did it for Taylor.
(I'm not choking my kitty.. promise. and yeah.. we are wearing matching Peter Pan hats. Sweeet.)

After a two years of growing it out and dating, we got married. 
Growing your hair out is borrrring. I gave myself highlights, bangs, braids, I dyed it, and I even bleached all my hair.

I got so sick of it being long, but Taylor didn't want me to cut it! 
I got pretty frustrated.. 
So after being married for a year, I tried to perm parts of my hair.

 Then my hair fell out. 

I was panicking, and crying a little bit.. but I was actually excited. 

So I cut my hair off again.
Then I looked in the mirror and thought,
"Oh, there you are." 

I've bleached it, dyed parts of it pink, dyed it back to brown, let it get a little longer, cut it real short. 
And I haven't grown it out since. 
Taylor keeps asking me when I'm going to grow it back out.
I don't have an answer for him... I love it short.
And for the days that I want it long..
I think I'm covered.


  1. You look gorgeous with short hair! I hope you never cut it for anyone again. : )

  2. I've been aching to try a pixie cut! I think you look great with it short!

  3. I remember being so jealous of your hair when we were kids because it was curly and mine was just a nasty cow-licked bush. I really love the pixie cut on you though, it fits you so well! I don't know what it is about boys but they like long hair, Bryant asked me to grow mine out cause it was short when I met him. But I think I look fine with long hair (cause I have a long face) I also love how dark your hair is now!

  4. I'm a new follower of your blog and I love it!
    Can't wait to read more from you!
    p.s. the pixie cut is beautiful!

  5. This is so sincerely silly and sweet, I loves it, and I love the way you look every way because you resonate, but ya' pixies got your number:)

  6. I've been feeling that way too. I've had my hair long for a long time now. In high school it was always short. Always terrible, but short and I miss it. I hope you don't mind if I copy your adorable hair. And maybe some of your hats

  7. oh my goodness! You should see my hair history! It's terrible how many bad cuts I've had!!! I love your short hair, it frames your pixie face perfectly.

  8. I love love love the pixie cut! You look good with long hair. But how good can you really look when your unhappy with it? mmmm pixie cut. If I hadn't of just dyed my hair, I'd be cutting it all off.

  9. Did you get the wig from the Manic Panic website/store?

  10. Haha omgggggg I tried to perm my hair once a few yrs ago and it fell out too! Eeek! I kind of love your hair either way - not everyone can pull off a pixie cut!

  11. please don't grow your hair out! anyone that tells you to is crazy, even your husband! i mean, you look good either way, but the pixie cut is by far my favorite. thanks for the history, i quite enjoyed it.

    your stalker. :)

  12. Rachael, I have always thought that you are one of those people who just looks SO amazing with short hair! I envy you, my face does NOT do well with the short hair, but you look absolutely gorgeous with it.
    And, the wig is awesome. I want one!

  13. I totally wish I could get away with short hair ... But I don't think I have the right face for it :P

    PS - I totally have that wig in blue ...

  14. You have the most perfect features for a pixie cut! Keep it short lady, I love it! :)


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