Friday, September 24, 2010

Fact :

Wolves are my favorite animal. 

Aside from wanting to be an artist, an FBI agent, and a veterinarian, I wanted to live with the wolves.  

My plan was: 
On graduation day I would tear off all my clothes and run into the mountains to live among the wolves.

If you were to ask the senior Rachael, she would have said it was just a joke. (.. but kinda not..)

If you were to ask the 6th grade Rachael, she would have been entirely serious.

If you were to ask the 3rd grade Rachael, she would have denied everything because she thought she was part cat.

These are facts.


  1. I remember when you were part cat. Good times.

  2. i love wolves as well. i have one tattooed on me. he's more of a dorky wolf than a mysterious wolf though. gosh the eyes in this painting are stunning.

  3. Living w Wolves... Why Not! :D
    I would probably get cold in the winter without all that protective fur though...

    Ps: the painting looks Great!

  4. oh those are super interesting facts,I'll let you in a secret, I'm part cat too! xDD

  5. that wolf is BOMB DIGGITY my friend.

  6. this is beautiful! eye-catching!


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