Monday, September 27, 2010

I love..

Big eyes.
Big mysterious eyes. 
The bigger the better.

I've rediscovered my love for pastels and colored pencils.
These two prints are available in the shop
this time I'm offering two sizes.

Happy Monday! 
(I can't believe I just said that.)

Did you notice the sudden drop in temperature? It's hat and scarf season! 
 Here's to a productive autumn week!


  1. I love those! So pretty :)

    And you are so right! Here in Texas, it's been in the 90s every day, but all of a sudden on the very first day of fall, it decides to get cold. I actually had to wear my coat! I love it.

  2. I like these best of all your portraits. The top one especially. I think that the medium gives you a little bit more control. Hope that you make some more!

  3. These are incredible! The blonde has so much feeling in her eyes. The second one makes me think of your post yesterday and about how if you had longer hair and bangs you would probably look just as cute in the hats that you knit :)

  4. ooooh, these are too gorgeous! you are so talented!

  5. hi rachael, your art is incredible. i am also an artist but i don't draw anymore as much as i'd like to.

    i also checked out your etsy page...i love the dog hats!

  6. Beautiful drawings!

    I'm so ready to pull out the hoodies and hats!

  7. i don't generally like cold weather, but i like that it is scarf season!! :D

  8. They're beautiful! The first one reminds me of little red riding hood. :) I always thought she went to visit her grandmother in the fall; it just made sense to me that way.

  9. I love how sincere and ernest looking their eyes are!

  10. I love these! They would look great printed on tshirts or tote bags

  11. These are amazing. Makes me wonder what they're thinking.

  12. I love your drawings; they're awesome!! Following you now! :D

  13. These are absolutely stunning.


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