Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Photoshoot

This last week I had the opportunity to do a photoshoot for Prismera Design
It was a lot of fun, and I loved the jewelry I got to model.
It was also extremely hot..
I love how the photos turned out. (I'm glad I didn't have to do the editing.)
I think the necklaces are adorable! They can be found here.
We also shot a short video for the line.. 
I feel like I look really silly, and sweaty.. It's okay to laugh at yourself though. 


  1. I like the necklaces, they remind me of parties and festivals. And I loved the video, you look adorable in it! (even Bryant, who watched it with me said,"hey, that girls really cute!" haha!)

  2. I like the necklaces, very cute! And you look great! So pretty! :)
    x Beth

  3. rachael, you are the cutest ever! the video is adorable. &even though I say that to you all the time, i always mean it!

  4. you are so pretty. i love your hair dark!

  5. I love the jewelleries, the photos and the video!!! You did a great job! Very pretty! x

  6. Love it! The photos and video look great! :)

  7. Omg love the video... That song makes it! Who sings it/what's it called?

  8. you totally rock the pixie cut!

  9. i love this, you look wonderful and im really loving your hair <3

  10. This looks soooo romantic!!
    And just like Kara i'd love to know who sings this song!


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