Monday, September 20, 2010

My Favorite Ghost

Your last passing breath,
Shadow's last kiss,
Meant only your death,
My favorite ghost,
You followed me home,
and followed me close,
A ghost in my suitcase,
The monster under my bed,
In every window was your face,
The dark figure coming near,
Footsteps in the attic,
The whispers in my ear.

I loved you the most,
You were my favorite ghost.

New photographs and art prints can be found here.


  1. Um, AMAZING is what you are Rach! Those paintings are getting me so excited to decorate my house for Halloween! I think I need to buy one... or two....:)

  2. ummm so happy you are this excited about fall and halloween -- none of my friends are and it's all that i talk about, so i'm happy to see some one else obsessing! the other day i was sitting in my office and looking up hauntings in my city = awesomeee. i'm going on a ghost walk next month... fingers crossed something spooky happends!! xo

  3. the ghost photos are really really scary :(( but the other photos look amazing!!

  4. love the photographs, love the paintings, love the lyrics/poem.


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