Saturday, July 24, 2010

Take Note

I've been trying really hard to have a good day today despite all the negativity today. It can be real hard.

I know I promised pictures of my boots... We are in the process of a big move.. and well I just haven't been able to take pictures. Tomorrow maybe?


  1. Hey. I love all the quotes you find.

    I keep seeing this one everywhere. Happiness is a choice. It's such a good reminder. I put it in my MSN name so that I don't forget it tomorrow or the day after.

    I hope that no matter what happens, you find a way to be happy. I often think about how things could be worse. I also think about how the past doesn't matter, and instead I think about making the future even better.

  2. This totally helped! I've been having a bad day too, thank you for your quotes!

  3. it's definitely an uphill struggle being positive sometimes! but i always feel better when i try than when i just give up, don't you?

    chin up :)

  4. its a very lovely quote, i will keep this in mind :D

  5. How was the move? I hope you can get together with grandpa and your cousins while you are there!


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