Friday, July 23, 2010

The Truth Is Out There

I haven't posted in a few days... because I've been totally consumed in The X-Files. 
We got Netflix recently.. and I haven't been able to stop watching episode after episode. I remember watching The X-files when I was little, it would come on every Sunday. As soon as the theme song started playing it was time to sit down and stop talking. I always had to hold my questions to the commercial breaks.. which was also when my mom would bring down dessert.

My mom totally reminds me of Agent Scully. Maybe it's the haircut, or the pretty green eyes.

Our friend came over and heard "Agent Mulder" from the TV's speakers and thought they said "Agent Mowger." We call Mowgli, Mowgers.. So now Mowgli has been promoted to an FBI agent, which I think is awesome. I've always wanted to be an FBI agent, but only if I could work for the X-files.

Sadly, that's just too much schooling and not enough creating time.

Speaking of creating.. I just made something pretty awesome. I'm going to take pictures and post tomorrow.

Oh and to clear the air.. I'm not pregnant. ;)

But anyways... Agent Scully was just diagnosed with cancer.  (Season 4, Episode 14) I gotta get back. I don't remember a single episode.. so that's why I'm so consumed.
(I'm going to have to purchase a few posters soon..)


  1. Oooh! I loved watching the X Files too. I'd sit there and watch them like a marathon. Good stuff, always. Thanks for bringing back the memories. :)

  2. Thanks for the compliment on the pretty green eyes! That was sweet. Happy watching!

  3. i love netflix! best decision ever.

  4. Netflix, is AMAZING!!! I think you should do some paintings, in stead of purchasing some posters! I think it would be awesome!

  5. I love the X-Files. Even Though I've seen it all and know whats going to happen I still go oh no, Scully has cancer! Pull threw Scully! Pull threw!

  6. I loved X-Files the first time around! Excellent show! I always knew you had great taste! good luck on your move (again) hang in there. xoxoxox

  7. Oh my word!!! This just happends to be my FAVORITE t.v show OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!!! I totally spent my life savings when I was 17 and bought all the seasons! as well as both movies... well the second one just came out a while ago... BUT not only is this my favorite show but David Duchovny is my ALL TIME FAVORITE ACTOR, of all time! My favorite episode is in season 5, that just happends to be my favorite season (alot of creative genious went down that season) anyway I love the episode with the moth men in the woods, who ends up being Ponce Deleon looking for the fountain of youth, Scully sings Jeramia was a bull frog! and that was the beginning of my love for three dog night! pretty much the best T.V. show EVER and as a T.V. addict I know!... I'm bumbed! I want to watch them now but they are packed up in storage! P.S. the boots are amazing! especially the red ones!


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