Monday, July 26, 2010

Cozy Cozy

We are all moved in.

We just moved from a beautiful 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment to a tiny hotel room, with a small kitchenette. I no longer have a small forest outside my window. We don't even have a couch or a table. What bothers me most is the only place I can work happens to be where I sleep. This makes me feel so lazy. I don't like sitting in the same place that I sleep, waking up only to make the bed and work....and then go back to bed. I will have to figure something out. I won't be able to live like this for more than a day. I'll have to go exploring..

I'm not complaining though... 2 words..

Room Service.


Our hotel room is so unbelievably crowded. I'm just telling myself it's cozy.

This is the first time I've had TV in a few years. I really hope I don't get too used to it.

Luckily before we moved I stayed up and worked real hard on these. 
Because I'm not quite sure how much I will be able to design here..
I woke up one morning deciding that I wanted to make boots. I don't normally like shoes, at all. I'm really not sure what prompted this venture.. but I decided to do it. (I'm currently working on some nice felted ones.. but those will have to be put on hold until further notice.)
I wanted something a little more durable than just yarn. I didn't want to slide around the kitchen. You know, I wanted actual shoes, not slippers. I'm proud to announce these boots have rubber soles.
I'm also very proud of how comfy they are. Boots will be available in the shop shortly, they will be made to order.. because I just love mine so much.
I wonder where we will move to next. We will find out in about a month... 
for now I will just enjoy Arkansas. It really is a beautiful place. 


  1. Haha. I completely understand where you're coming from when you mention working where you sleep. I work at home and my office is in my bedroom. I feel lazy too and probably not as productive as I once was when I was in the office.

    I honestly can not wait until the boots are available in your shop! I love them! :)


  2. girl, you always amaze me!

    I know change is weird at first but it seems you adapt pretty quickly. I'm sure the bed thing is a little strange but it will just make the next home nicer!

    Do you know what I think is incredible? The fact that you move so often but keep cranking things out for the shop! It is inspiring!

    I love the boots ESPECIALLY since they have rubber bottoms! xo

  3. I'm so thankful our paths crossed and i was able to spend some time with you. i am sad to see you go, but i wish you the best and just know that i will miss you dearly! i love the new paintings and boots. you hold a special place in my heart. love you!!

  4. Those boots are adorable!

    You should go to walmart/a thrift store and get one of those folding camping chairs, if there is space for it. you can sit in in and work, and then fold it up and stick it in a corner at night!

  5. wow i'm super impressed! i am not a shoe person either, but i hate having freezing cold feet in the winter and these would be so awesome! comfy, warm, and totally adorable!

    good luck with the living conditions.

  6. These will be so comfy and cozy when the weather gets cold. Love them!

    It must be so hard to move so often. Good luck!

  7. Okay I LOVE those. I had a pair similar but they were flats and nothing going up the ankle like a boot like that! they are SOOOOO comfy!

  8. What do you do that you move around so much? It sounds really exciting

  9. So are you going to be in that hotel room for an entire month?!

  10. So cozy!! :)

    The last photo is beautiful!

  11. Rachael! I love the boots. They are amazing. I can't wait till they appear in the Shop.

    I'm attempting to make the dress you gave the tute on. Started it on Saturday, and I'm still going. Slowly stitching the skirt to the top. I'm a bit of a poor student at the moment so it is all handsewen. Hopefully it stays together!

    Could you take your stuff to a park? That would solve the bed-work-bed situation? a bit of a picnic day.

  12. Maybe get one of those folding canvas chairs and take your work outside. They are fairly comfy and often even come with a cup holder for a nice drink. :)

    The boots look awesome! Wish that I didn't live in FL so that I'd have a reason to wear them. They look too hot for down here.

  13. I think the boots are cute. I wonder what they would look like if you put a curl on the tip of know, like you do with your hats?

  14. Malingo-
    The brown ones do have a little curl on the tip! it's just slight, I haven't had enough time to figure out how to really make them curl with crochet, but I'm doing it with felting!

  15. I really really really like how creative you are.

    I love these, they are adorable, I can't wait til the felt ones come out! (If they haven't already)
    I've never seen your blog thinger before, but now I'm hooked.

  16. BEAUTIFUL and amazing and I want them!

  17. were these ever in the shop? because i finaly have money to buy something, and i'd really like these if they are available. thanks! :)

  18. Hey Sydsquido! These WERE in the shop.. and are still available for custom orders... just shoot me an message and we can make some! Thanks!


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