Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lace and Leaves

Things that happened in the last 24 hours:

Mowgli cried and whined so much that he got the cops called on him. (I stepped out for 45 minutes.)
The boots are listed in the shop 
I got a part time job. (I haven't had a job in over two years)

It's nothing big, just a secretary job with my husband's company. It will only last a month. 
Thank goodness because I'm not sure I will be able to handle waking up as early as 12 pm for long.
I'm not a morning person. No.. Not at all. 
 Mowgli and Fungus have become super best friends.

I thought to myself yesterday.. It's almost fall time.
I told Taylor how excited I was and he corrected me.
It's the end of July, we still have August. 
I can't wait for Autumn.. It's my all time favorite season. 
I saw some beautiful leaves that reminded me of lace and it made me think.. it will soon be fall.
I love fall, mostly because
I LOVE Halloween.
There is another side to me...A darker side.
I'm sure you will see it this Halloween season.
I love flowers and blossoms and the color green and all sorts of flowering beautiful things.
 I also..
Love ghost stories, dead trees, and fallen leaves. I love zombies, ghouls and all sorts of creepy things. You already know my love for graveyards.
Halloween time is a wonderful time for me to embrace my darker side.
I dedicate all of the fall season to celebrate Halloween.
I'm thinking of starting early this year.
A part of me is just itching to get out...
It's never good to hide yourself from the world.


  1. I am right with you on the 12noon thing... I don't normally get up until around 3-4pm each day. Of course I don't go to bed until around 5am... I COULD NOT do mornings again, no way. I hate them with a passion and hope to never seen another one LOL! I am eager for fall too... I just wrote something about that in my blog just now a few moments ago, then I came on yours to see you had said something too about it!

  2. love those lacy leaves - so delicate! what wonderful material to photograph. I also adore photographing nature.

  3. You are seriously awesome. I love how you are who you are, and that's are refreshing!! So glad I found your blog! :)
    xo, Jamie

  4. WOW, I would SO buy a series of prints of the lacy leaves!!!!!! Beautiful.

    P.S. It's fun to embrace our darker sides sometimes!

  5. Awesome pics Rach! I love lacey leaves too. Also, Im a halloween fiend as well! Cant wait to see what ghoulish gear you have!

  6. Those are pretty shoes and leaves! Good luck with the hotel--just remember how much fun the La Quinta Inn was!


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