Monday, June 21, 2010

New Style

I took a few days off from painting to make some new hats. 
I must say I am quite pleased with the new style.

The yarn is pliable so you can have the point pointing down, or curled up.
I think I will be making these in many different colors.
I just love slouchy beanies and pixie hats. It feels good to have my favorites combined into one.
As much as I would like pixie hats to be worn by boys.. I don't think it will happen often.
I'm trying to make more unisex hats.. and I'm quite excited about this one.
This is Taylor, modeling the new Dino Hat.
He wasn't able to do any dinosaur faces when I was photographing him...
I just think he was being camera shy or something.
So we switched places and I showed him how a pro dinosaur looks.
He just asked if I was trying to be a sexy dinosaur.
So maybe the two of us can't model..
Good thing we have Mowgli.
He almost looks like a real panda huh?
Is that a monkey!? Oh.. no just a chihuahua in a monkey hat.
This style isn't really new.. but the color is. It's a beautiful gold color with red flecks.

Yesterday was not the best day for pictures.
It rained all day like a monsoon.
As soon the rain let up it was 99 degrees and humid.
Just look at my hair!


  1. omggg i love these! all of them! i may have to check out your shope... payday is friday! :)

  2. The look great and I love the Mowgli hats. I think Chico needs one.

  3. Love love LOVE the new hats! And Mowgli is adorable like always. (Also, really loving your shirt. It reminds me of the ones I used to wear when I was a really little kid that we would get in Mexico)

  4. these are adorable... i definitely need a dino hat in my life ASAP!!

  5. LOVE the new hats! So cute:) Also, Im about to kidnap Mowgli! If only I lived in Arkansas!

  6. Very cute!! Love the little puppy & the girl model is stunning! She looks like a blythe doll.


  7. Wow! Those photos are amazing!

  8. These hats are adorable! Your dog is so cute. :) xoxo

  9. Aw OMG that dino Hat is just amazing, probably one of my favourites, along with all pupp hats :)
    Hope you're doing wonderfully Rachael!!

  10. Omg do you sell these dog hats??


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