Monday, June 7, 2010

I've Not Been Monkeying Around

I haven't posted pictures of new hats for a long time.. Its not because I've been lazy. I have still been making hats. I was just waiting for my ears to heal. My ears are now at a 1/2 inch. I was waiting for them to look normal again.. No one wants to see swollen earlobes right?

It might have been an easier process if I decided to buy the correct supplies.. but you know me.
I don't like to buy things that I could make.

I decided to go from a 00 to a 1/2 inch one day. I headed to the hardware store, I'm sure I was quite the sight. Small girl in a spring dress inquiring about saws, sandpaper, wood and stains. Everyone had questions. They also had strange looks when I told them I was making a taper and some gauges for my ears.

I just refuse to pay money for something I could make.

It was trial and error. Lots of blister on my fingers and bleeding ears.

I saved money.
So I don't feel bad.

I made myself 17 pairs of wooden plugs. Now I have some for every occasion! Oh how I love variety.
(The cookies and roses came from here.)

I finally was able to photograph some new hats and headbands. Finally.
I'm totally aware that you can barely even see my ears.. yet I still waited two weeks.

Isn't the monkey hat just the silliest thing you've ever seen? I love silly!

Check them out!


  1. Creative and cool plugs but ouch and no thanks for me. The farthest I've gone is a tongue piercing which I had for about 11 or 12 years and miss dearly. Love the monkey hat too and the rays of sunshine behind you in the white headband shot.

  2. I've always thought it would be cool to stretch my ears. I love that you made all your own plugs! How did you start? Does it hurt terribly? If I was to go up to the same size you have (more or less) could my lobes shrink back??

  3. Angie, hey! my advice is probably the worst you will get because I am impatient and don't really do it right.. but I started a few years ago I just used random things around the house to stretch my earlobes like.. um tooth picks, and golf tees. (yikes, I know) Then I started making my own tapers and gauges using wooden dowels. I cut them, then carve them so they go from small to big, I sand them down and put wood finish on them so they are smooth and shiny. Then I put Vaseline all over it and push it through little by little. It takes about a week to go up one size and it hurts. I had a friend who was at an inch and his shrunk down.. so I'm certain mine will shrink down too! Let me know if you do it!

  4. I think you could submit every single one of your pictures to craftgawker, and get approved.

  5. Bleeding ears? Slow down woman!

    Funny, I also made button spacers! I don't make mine out of wood though.

    So you bought a wooden rod and cut it with a saw? I've always wanted to make wooden ones but never found out how.

  6. Rach, first off, you are FAREEEAKING Gorgeous! That second pic looks like a model in some bodacious magazine. Second, I LOVE all the projects you make. I gotta buy some soon!

  7. wait a second... whaaaaaa? you have PLUGS in your ears? as in big holes?

  8. Awww you are so pretty!!! why do you want floppy earlobes? :-)

    Gorgeous you and gorgeous stuff!

  9. I'm so ridiculously in love with everything on here that it's a little painful. Now I'm contemplating on if I can get away with buying something and convincing my significant other that I've had it for years :)

  10. Ouch, but the plugs are adorable! Cute hats too! :) xoxo

  11. Loving the new hats and headbands! (I kind of want the bear one to see if I can scare Ace... GRRR!)

  12. I LOVE the monkey hat so much! You're too cute! It's perfect!

  13. Girl, you are crazy! But the earrings look great! (have you ever thought of selling plugs on etsy?)

    &I'm still trying to figure out how one person can look so ridiculously cute in so many pictures! You are gorgeous!


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