Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Today was a good day. 

Mr. Sun came out to visit. He gave me 75 degree weather, and told me I should wear a dress. 

Little blossoms greeted me as I came back from the post office. They told me spring was on it's way and I could put away winter coats.

The day was full of projects and ideas. Those are the best kind of days. Really

But the sun began to set. My camera had still not arrived! I got really stressed. I wanted to get pictures of the beautiful tree that is popping with flowers and I wanted pictures of my three newest creations.

I started pacing and saying mean things about FedEx. Then the doorbell ring. I ran to the door. I almost gave the delivery man a hug. Almost. He asked me, "You've been waiting for this?" I asked, "How did you know?" "I could tell by the way you opened the door." He replied.

I had about 20 minutes left of good light so I rushed for pictures. I hate rushing. It makes me cranky

We were able to photograph two new feather headbands and one pair of wristies
This is me combining two creations into one photograph. Plus a very odd look on my face.
I've been feeling rather odd lately so it suits me.

I then rushed to my flowering tree
I promised my mother I would get pictures of the blossoms, so she could tell me if it is a Joshua Tree. 
Is it?
I was able to get a picture of Mr. Sun.. he was trying to sleep 
and I didn't want to bother him.
I also retook pictures of  my paintings

I'm very glad my camera friend came back today. I was getting lonely.

The two new headbands, two new paintings and the pair of wrist warmers are all available in the shop.

Phew... What a day!


  1. Looks Like u had a busy day Rachael!
    The Pics Look Great! Welcome back Mr Camera :)

  2. i love the layout of your page!! i love cemeteries also, they are such peaceful places.

  3. Great pics. I am curious...what kind of camera do you use?
    BTW, your button looks great on my page! =)

  4. I LOVE your headbands. I wish I had money so I could buy them all. They're SO perfect!!
    A big hug,

    P.S.Hope your day today is sunny and warm :)

  5. Yesterday morning I noticed tuplips coming up at work. The it went overcast and rained. What a downer. I think I need to stop noticing the signs of springs 'cause everytime i do adn get excited for spring, the weather gives me the finger. . . and I think you know what finger I'm referring to . . .

  6. I am glad you have your camera back. It isn't a joshua tree. At least not the type of joshua tree I know. The only joshua trees that I am aware of are in the dessert. Maybe it is a magnolia. Does it smell nice?

  7. i love your headbands and knitting.
    once im all graduated and have the time i want to learn.
    well done.

  8. I love everything in this post. And I'm so happy you got your camera.

  9. LOVELY photos! i love the feather handband paired with those deep red wristlets..gorgeous!

  10. Great photos! I'm loving the feather headbands!

    I took my two munchkins outside to play on Tuesday, and we had so much fun looking at the daffodils and crocus buds.

  11. Hey. Great photos and accessories. Your day sounds like plenty of my days - I try to fill them up with little things!

    Thanks for your comments and I found your buttons. You'll see one on my page as soon as I create it.

    Oh and you have gorgeous huge eyes. Like an owl. Has anybody called you owlgirl?

  12. I'm happy Mr. Sun came out and made your day.
    Now lets hope he comes and makes my day too. :)
    Your clothes are amazing. And I love your hair color, I know that's random but just thought I'd put it out there.
    Anyways, loving the blog, you got yourself another reader. (After reading Dorr's post, I told myself to use the term reader instead.)
    Love, Malou.


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