Monday, March 15, 2010

Oh So Random

You must know by now that I have a sweet spot for anything tea related.
This is my newest addition to my tea set collection, although I'm not really sure if it counts as a tea set.
But I'm so in love.
A sweet girl named Erica from LoveErica asked me if I would like to trade through Etsy.
I've been saving up for a new computer for a long time. (I'm so terrible at saving my money) I've been really trying to watch my spending so it was perfect. When Erica asked me I knew I wanted to do the trade, in fact I might have squealed about it to Taylor.  I had been ooooing and awwwwing over that teapot necklace for a little while. I think I was so overly eager I scared her a bit.
Erica's shop is filled with beautiful and unique goodies. You really should check out her shop. It also helps that she is an incredibly nice person.. Don't you love nice people?
Anyways I've worn this necklace for about 3 days straight now.

I made a new hat. I put it on my head and started to giggle. It made me happy.

Onto sadder news...

Our dastardly cat, Measle has run away.  Perhaps she heard me talking on the phone to my mother about giving her away. (I don't want to make her move again.. she doesn't move well.) Ever since then I haven't seen her. 
I'm not too worried. She is a tough cat who really doesn't like anyone.
She is probably happy living in the wild. Honestly.
But then there is Mowgli.

Mowgli misses his friend. He checks her bed every so often. He looks out the window and checks all her hiding spots. No mean ol' Measle. So he lays his head down with a sigh... I feel bad, I really do.

Fear not Little Mowg. I will always be there to "chew" on your ears.
Cheer up Champ.

And now I have a question.
I'm very random. I know this. Just look at how random this post is! 
How random is too random? 
In terms of My Etsy Shop. 
Do you think it is weird that I sell a ton of different things there? Hats, headbands, necklaces, art, etc.
Is this alright? I mean, I know it isn't against any rules... I'm just wondering I guess.... 
Does it work? 
Oh I don't know quite how to ask this. 
I've never been good with words.


  1. Hi.
    Sorry to hear about your cat. Hopefully it shows up soon. Yeah, this post is pretty random. I'm scared of biting my dog's ears because she would probably bite my face. Hard.

    I think it's completely normal that you sell a lot of different things. In fact, you should sell even move - aaanything you possibly like to make. The more variety the better. :)

  2. haha youre funny.
    and i've looked at your shop and i love the range of things you make, it's very you and i wouldn't change it. i love how you make your paintings into jewelry it's awesome so don't even worry about it!

  3. Aww that's sad that Mowgli misses Measle. How funny he misses her even though she beats him up! =P I'm sure she will turn up. My cat always disappears for a few days at a time and then reappears like nothing ever happened. Cats are funny creatures.
    I think it's cool that you sell a lot of different things in your shop. I have been eyeing that peacock headband and I think I'm gonna buy it :) There's a couple of hats I'm in love with too, but it probably never gets cold enough for one. If I was still living up north I would get a hat!

  4. i love your shop. keep adding different stuff :) and thanks to you, i introduced my sister to etsy and she just got the most beautiful handmade book for her wedding! and one of these days i will have extra money to buy some of your headbands. someday.

  5. variety is awesome! of not, violet bella would be a fail for sure! go with what you love girl, you are super talented and sweet!

  6. Rachael, you are too adorable!

    Thank you so much for your kind words and taking pictures with my necklace. it means a lotttt to me!

    Your new hat is super cute! (and you are gorgeous!!)

    How long has your kitty been gone? sometimes they leave for a few days and come back later. One time my kitty Pickles was gone for a full week - he fell into someone's chimney; they found him in their basement & took him outside and followed him to our house! Lol

    And your shop is so lovely. You have a common theme that keeps it cohesive - everything seems to have a 'woodsy/woodland' theme to it. ;)

    Thanks again!

  7. I'm sorry about measle, But i'm sure he's happy out in the wild as well, chasing and pouncing things. Also, I love love love that necklace! At work the other day I was told to set up an Alice in Wonderland table and on the list of books to go on the table was "Tea for one" and "tea set for two" I though they were books but no authors were listed. After about 20 minutes I realized they were real tea sets, which is weird cause, lets face it, we are a BOOKstore after all. But they were so stinkin' cute! And I told my friend at work how you collected tea sets. The tea for one was my favorite, the bottom of the teapot came off to make a cup. Adorable!

    P.S. I think your etsy shop is lovely, and I think you are just fine selling different things.

  8. Ah, I was not so confident when my cat ran away in '06. I just wish I knew what happened to him. He was so uniquely beautiful that I hope a family took him in.

    I think variety is not only cool, but smart. Some people will look in your shop wanting art instead of your accessories. Others, the other way around. You have a better chance at selling something! I wish I could do that, but I can't knit or anything, lol. Traditional art's my only real thing. :P

  9. aw i hope your cat is alright! and those pictures of your dog just too cute, what a heartbreaker.

    i too have so many different things in my shop...i just like to do so many different things! i am always working on focusing the theme of them visually so that even though there are a lot of different items, they all reflect the same sensibility (or at least i hope they do/someday might!). i did end up opening a second shop for knit/crochet stuff as i knew the style would be completely different and that at least seems to be a major trend in how one defines ones etsy shops...not that trends are always to be followed of course ;)

  10. 1. That's one tough Meow! :/
    2. Adorable pup - what breed is he?
    3. I like a shop with variety - keep it up! :)

    :) Yay, following!

  11. Yeah, i love that you have a ton of variety. And I love that hat, and I want it to have and to hold. And I "bite" my pup's ears too, they are jsut so bite-able!

  12. Measle has probably found another home, probably one with a boy cat. She loves North Carolina and wants to stay. Congratulations on finding her the home she loves!

  13. I like your Etsy Shop. The variety makes it fun to check often- I'm not just seeing the same thing in different colors.

  14. 1st. you are the cutest thing! just needed to put that out there!
    2nd. That is an uber cute tea necklace! I'm so glad you finally got it!
    3rd (yes I'm numbering it) I love random! You keep us on our toes! predictable is boring ;)
    4th. I like that you have a variety! because it gives more opportunities for people to find what they want. I think it's a good thing! And all of your items are just soooooo good! Why single down your talent when you have so much to share :)

    Sorry about your kitty...and Mowgli being sad (btw love his name)


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