Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Little Things

I was looking online for some new pendant settings when I came across the cutest website. Ornamentea.  I bookmarked it and had tons of item's urls sent to myself in an email. (I'm weird... I know) I was so excited about this little website. I scrolled to the bottom and noticed something weird... "visit our Raleigh store." I was beyond stoked. Their store is 15 minutes away from my house!
 So we went. Naturally
It was full of little odds and ends, beads and all sorts of wonderful trinkets. I stayed way longer than I planned to. I'm so fascinated with cute little things, like buttons and tiny boxes.
These pictures were pulled from their website. I was too shy to bring in my own camera.
 I'm silly. When I find places I like I want souvenirs, little keepsakes to remind me of why I like it. 
We are leaving my very favorite city soon and I have been collecting little things to remind me of it. 
Why I like it here.. 
I want to come back! 
So I bought myself a ring. 
Seeing this ring made me oh so happy to be where I was, I couldn't pass up such a small memento to remind me of happiness. After all it was only 1.75.. why not?

I've been painting lately.
It doesn't seem right to knit when it is 80 degrees out. 
At least not yet...

I'm not too sure how much I like Little Narwhal here...
I'm not much of a painter so until I am no longer scratching my head
wondering what is wrong with this guy he won't be in the shop.

But these are in the shop.

Oh, and one more thing....
It happened again and I was so very happy! 


  1. I think little narwhal is adorable! And I'm so in love with that ship pendant! I can't get over it!

  2. Its always fun to keep little memories!
    Congrats on the front page again!
    I agree w Brooke and Bryant, Little Narwhal is very cool!

  3. It's always sad to leave a place, the worst is seeing your house all empty of all your things. But at least you have a new adventure ahead of you. And I like Mr. Narwhal just the way he is. He seems facinated by the stars, and I like my Narwhals curious.

  4. Your pendants are beautiful! Maybe you will like Arkansas just as much... okay, maybe not as much, but almost.

  5. It must be difficult moving out of a city that you love, but I wish you the best of luck!

    And I think the narwhale is adorable as well; he seems dreamy.

    And many congrats for making it to the front page!

  6. I always love going to little shops like that :) My favorite shops to go to are metaphysical shops that sell incense, books about meditation, tarot cards, little statues of goddesses... you know? Unique things. I would love that store!

    I really think that painting is awesome!!

  7. Painting is great! I have to say I loved the Sparrow Necklace... I pined over it and was super sad when it dissapeared of the shop! I LOVED IT! and the painting looks amazing, I'd say you are quite the painter!

  8. Opps... I mean "off the shop"!!! you get what I mean! ;)

  9. So, have you found their sister store, Panapolie in North Raleigh? They carry way different from the downtown store.


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