Saturday, January 30, 2010

Weather didn't permit

We woke up to a blanket of snow covering our little town. 
We got an email saying church was canceled.
Taylor's jobs are canceled as long as there is snow on the ground. 
We canceled our date night.
We canceled our planned hiking trip. 

There is no way I'm leaving the house when it snows here.  

So we are staying indoors.

Taylor is fine with this, it's all he wants to do on his days off.
He just got a new gaming headset. 
I'm ready to "accidentally misplace it."

Sure I don't have to listen to the loud gun shots, explosions, voices and music. 
Taylor has no idea how loud his voice is when he talks.

I will be sitting in silence happily knitting or painting when I hear 
video game way too loud.
I can't think of any examples but it's intense.

I needed to take pictures quite disparately. 
It's been a while since anything was added to my shop. 
So Taylor put on his Captain Alaska Hat and I put on many layers of sweaters. 

We trudged through the snow and were only able to take a few pictures before I remembered
I wasn't that desperate. 
Pictures could wait. It was freezing. 

What do you think of my make up? I'll tell you what I think. 
I'm in love. 
The eye shadow is from  The StarShine Company
The colors are very bright and last a long time. 
The StarShine Company uses natural minerals and no chemicals or fillers. You can mix the colors with clear lip gloss or nail polish.

I think it's just amazing and I think you should try em out! 

Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit warmer... I have a lot more photos to take! 


  1. Bryant and Taylor could be twins when they have a day off, he's all set up with his head set on the couch too. I will be cooking or doing homework and I'll hear Bryant talking to someone, when I walk in the living room, he's just talking to the video game. Also, I really like your makeup!

  2. Really beautiful eyes! Do you wear contacts, or is that natural?

  3. Love the makeup I'll have to check it out, also love the new dark hair, well I don't know how new it is, but new to me seeing it.

  4. I love the makeup and i have to say your sooooo pretty :)

  5. What gauge are your plugs?!
    I love em, and I would love to know!

  6. I think they are 0 or 00, but i'm not sure! I just found some wood at home depot and stained them darker and just kinda shoved them in..


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