Friday, January 29, 2010

When Life Gives Your Lemons..

You make lemonade right? Well, where do you get the sugar from? What if you don't own a pitcher! What if you don't like lemonade?! 

I feel as if I've had a lot of lemons given to me lately. No, thrown at me. I feel like I am out of sugar to sweeten that lemonade... I feel a bit bruised from being hit with these lemons, and lemon juice stings

I'm exhausted from trying to play catch.

Why can't life throw raspberries? I would much rather have raspberries thrown at me.  

Today I came home from running errands with a massive headache
to find a box sitting on my porch.  
I excitedly brought it in. 
I ate my TacoBell with Taylor, eyeing the package out of the corner of my eye... 
I cleaned the house, keeping the box in view... 
Waiting to open it.. 
I just felt like waiting.

I finally felt like I was in the right state of mind.

I opened the package to see a beautiful vintage tea set I just purchased from nocarnations. (I couldn't help myself.. sorry future macbook, you will just have to wait)

Life sure has given me lemons lately. I can't have lemonade, but I will happily sip some lemon tea from my newest tea set. 

Few things make me as happy as tea sets do. I think it's because of the Tea Time I used to share with my mother and sisters back when I lived close.

Other than Mr. Taylor Captain Alaska Thomas, What else makes me happy?
 Mowgli knows...
 Mowgli, modeling the new "Red Fox" hat for the shop.  Psst this hat will be on it's way to the pup in California this Monday!

Tomorrow if weather permits will be picture day. I have some exciting things to show you.


  1. oh i love this post. you are so funny. and that tea set. a-mazing.

  2. I love reading your blogs. Just really cute. I am such a fan of tea myself, so that set looks wonderful. Just an electric kettle and dog cup for me, lol.

    I'm so happy with the headband I purchased from you. So light, and doesn't give me headaches; many compliments already! :) Thanks!

  3. I absoultly love your new tea set! I can't wait to have a tea party when you come home!

  4. yes, a great post and a great tea set! i laughed and then i just got jealous of the lovely china ;)


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