Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Through The Woods

It feels like it has been ages since my Etsy shop has had more than 3 pages of listings. I spent a lot time of last week photographing and editing my new work. I set up huge lights, that heated up my house. I tripped over cords, and made inventories and lists. I sealed all paintings in varnish and documented their size and medium. Then on Sunday and Monday I listed everything in the shop! 

I listed several months worth of work that I had forgotten I had! It's crazy how much work was piled up.  So, please check out my shop update! I listed more than 20 new prints and paintings! 

Since there are so many new paintings that I've forgotten to mention.. I'm going to be back tracking a bit and featuring some of these new paintings on the blog. I feel there is energy in art, and I would love to explain some of the energy that was poured into my newest work. I wanted to start with one called "Through The Woods." 

This painting was one of the first paintings that I've liked in a long time (if ever). I finished it, took a step back and said "I think I may actually like this one!" Like many paintings, it started off to be something totally different. This canvas is 24x48 inches, so it's pretty big. I had it set up on my easel, and stood on my chair to paint the top part. I wasn't entirely sure where I wanted to take this painting. I started off by just painting black, grey and white in any direction I felt right. I picked it up, turned it around, splattered, dripped, shoot, and flipped the canvas. I spent several hours just splashing and dripping paint onto this canvas. Then, I walked away. I forgot about it for months. Several other projects came up, and this one was moved to the back burner. I couldn't figure out just what I wanted to paint.. so I let it sit. Many months later, I was wondering what to paint. I looked through my canvases that were ready for a painting, and I saw this one. I looked at it, and I saw trees!

 I had looked at that canvas for months! In the back of my mind, always wondering what to paint on it. And only until that day did I see the fragments of aspen trees falling in and out of place. I'm so glad I hung onto this half done painting for so long. 

The process of this painting has been my favorite so far.  Free, intuitive painting, playing, splattering and dripping, and then attention to detail, and systematic painting of bark and knots.  

I've decided to sell the large original. I'm not sure how I will ship a 4 foot painting, but I'm sure it can be done. I also have prints of this one available in the shop! The prints are a little bit cropped so they will fit in an 8x10 frame. Below is a sample of the cropping of the print version. 


  1. Stunning. Sounds like quite the spring cleaning project! I had fun looking through your shop and noticing how your style continues to evolve. And I'm thrilled to have bought a print I really love- I know exactly where I'm going to hang it- above my "Detachment Day" painting so I can see it from my bed! :D

  2. I really love this one and have been eyeing your Etsy shop listings. ;) So many wonderful things, dear!


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