Monday, January 26, 2015

Lunar Forecast for January 26th 2015

Lunar Forecast

          This Lunar Forecast is a look at the emotional influences from the Moon for this week. The Moon plays an important part in our lives. She controls our subconscious, our emotions and even our habits. The Moon travels through the different houses of the zodiac, giving us different themes and experiences. This forecast is in MST and includes some of the major aspects and transits of the week.
Today the waxing Moon is in Taurus. Patience, diligence and practicality are on the increase. This moon favors situations that require persistent efforts. But this is also a day to rest, a good time to experience comfort and coziness. The Taurus moon is a great moon to treat plants. This moon doesn’t favor surgery or medical procedures around the throat, neck, nose, ears or sinus’.
On Tuesday the 27th the Moon will remain in Taurus. It’s a good time to spend with family, relaxing and indulging in the comforts of home. The Taurus Moon favors peace and comfort. It gives us patience when we wouldn’t usually have any, and things that usually bother us don’t affect us as much. In humid and cold weather take care of your neck and ears. Venus, the planet of love will enter Pisces until February 20th. Love and relationships have the potential to become spiritual, mystical and even blissful. You will have the opportunity to experience love on a deep spiritual level. At 7:18pm the moon will be Void of Course.
On Wednesday the 28th, at 3:36 pm the Moon will be in Gemini. Cheerfulness, flexibility and sociability will be on the increase. The emotions on this day can be easily changeable. This is a good day for study, and intellectual work. Mercury retrograde in Aquarius will sextile Uranus on this day. This will help you see your projects in a new perspective, giving you the ability to revise and polish your work in a way you hadn’t seen before. 
          Thursday the 29th the Moon will remain in Gemini. Now is a good time to discuss family matters and relationships. This should be a day enjoying the company of close friends and family. The Gemini moon activates our breathing and our metabolism. Avoid unventilated or dirty rooms. Avoid surgical intervention of the shoulders, arms, wrists and lungs, and remember to take full cleansing breaths.
            Friday the 30th at 2:24 am the moon will be VOC in Gemini. The Void of Course is not a desirable time to start a new endeavor. Mercury will link up with the Sun, and Mars will sextile Pluto. This will give you clear luminous thoughts, and the drive to push ahead with your existing goals. Go with the flow of this energy today, and keep your thoughts positive.
Saturday the 31st, The Moon will be Void of Course until 12:08am. The Moon will transition into the house of Cancer. There will be an increase of emotion, touchiness and vulnerability. The need for seclusion could become rather strong under this moon. There is a desire to communicate with only those closest to you. The Moon in Cancer favors short trips that involve water. Now is not the time to eat suspicious or low quality foods. Don’t overwhelm your digestive system, or seek surgery in the areas of the stomach, chest, abdomen, or lymphatic system.

Sunday the 1st the Moon will be emotional Cancer. Venus will Square off with Saturn in Sagittarius. You may feel some harsh realities within your romance and relationships. Feelings of obligation may come up as a threat. Fortunately Venus will conjunct Neptune, making the seeds planted at this time rather fruitful and positive in the end.

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