Thursday, September 25, 2014

Home Tour Photos

There is nothing better than a clean house. Once the last box was unpacked, and the last load donated the house finally felt like mine. The dogs were able to unwind and find their places too and the home has finally felt like home!

I was able to get photos at last! Be warned... this is a very picture heavy post. I can't help it. I'm totally in love with this place!

First part of the tour... my kitchen! I'm so in love with this kitchen. The beautiful sink, the light above it.. the counters. The only problem was there was no storage or shelves! So I had to improvise. I also added some twinkle flower lights around the door. Guys... fake flowers, floral tape and christmas lights... it's magical!

The kitchen only came with the fridge, and the stove! I brought in the rest of the shelves and tables.. and it's been awesome. I also gave up using a microwave! It's been a week of using only a toaster oven, and so far so good!
 Next is the mud room. The mud room was intended to be my art studio, but it just didn't feel right. When the complex was originally built, the mudroom was where the milk was delivered, and the maids or butlers kept supplies. It's painted a beautiful grey and has lots and lots of storage. It also acts as an entry way. This is where most of the traffic comes from, so we set it up as a cute little entry way instead. I also plan on putting lots and lots of plants in there because of the beautiful lighting. 

It's a bit of a random room, but I'd like to put some books and chairs in there eventually.
Next is my bedroom.. Oh my goodness. My bedroom is marvelous. I have a huge window that overlooks a roof top and a boiler. The view is not beautiful, but that roof top is mine to sit on, and the privacy makes up for the lack of view.

And real quick I'll show you some glimpses of the bathroom. You guys don't really need to see the toilet or shower.. cause you know. Bathrooms are all basically the same.
My bathroom has this old old yellow tile with blue and teal details. Colors that are pretty hard to work with, but were very common when the place was built, so I kind of like the old charm it brings in.

I added more flower twinkle lights and a salt lamp because the over head light is so abrasive at night. The flower lights hang around the entire wall and reconnect over the door. It looks like a magical jungle and it's great for baths.

The bathtub is so deep with a perfect ledge for candles. I'm so in love. 
Last but not least is the living space. 
I chose to put my art studio in the living space and integrate it in with all the books. 

I'm seriously soo happy this move is over.  Turns out I have a lot of stuff. And moving sucks. 
And I never found out what happened to the missing box. It was full of my cooking pots and pans! I'm pretty sad because I had a magical pan that could cook anything. It magically appeared in my house at some point in my life... and now it's gone. I'm not longer upset.. but mourning. Hopefully I'll find a suitable replacement soon. 
I'm sure you will see more photos of the house in the coming months, but for now this is what my home looks like... and I couldn't be happier here. 

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  1. It looks like this place has always been your home! So beautiful!

  2. what a cute place! i love the colors and fabrics throughout the rooms. and the wall art in the living area is wonderful! great job!

  3. Very cool! Looks really cozy and really nice and I love the artsy things in it too<3

  4. Your home looks beautiful! I'm in love with all of the vintage details!

  5. this place really suits you :) its so lovely and bohemian!

  6. WOW, it looks awesome!! and you've done so much work already! a plus of a work from home job, you have more time than those of us who work outside the home! :) love the gallary wall, it looks so good!

  7. It looks awesome. I love the window seat. I always wanted one but they are just not common in the places I lived at. Maybe I should move to the US.

  8. It always blows my mind with how much you get done in such a short amount of time. I could take 10 years and my place still wouldn't look like that! In fact I'm still not unpacked from moving here 2 years ago, and we just inherited even more stuff after a death in the family.
    Glad to see you are getting settled in. Does Sterling like the new place?


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