Friday, September 26, 2014

Getting Into The Rhythm Again and Announcing a Sale

I've finally gotten back into the rhythm of things when it comes to work. Well a little. I'm still feeling a shift taking place, and I'm learning to honor that. Learning to not force creativity and do what I feel like doing. Yesterday I sat down to work on the Tarot Deck but nothing was coming. In fact I've done the Page of Wands like 3 times now! I just can't seem to like it. So, I sat down and drew a Kelpie. I have a few ideas on mythological creatures and incorporating them into my art, possibly a future book, or an oracle deck. But we will see. I'm still needing to focus on the other two decks before I seriously start something else. 

 I started some doodles for the Knight of Wands. I've decided to do the court cards as elementals.. As each suit represents an element. I've decided to have the Suit of Wands as fire fairies and I totally love the Knight of Wands so far. I'm still working on the Page of Wands.. 

I wanted to do a little sale for the remainder of the month! 
I'm finally moved in and the shop is ready to go. I've re-listed tons of prints and paintings. 
I've got my shipping station set up and everything is ready to go.
So I decided to run a sale to get the shop back into the rhythm of things.
Enter the code Hooray25 for 25% off everything in the art shop!

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  1. So happy for you that you're finding a rhythm with your creating! And I'm stoked to go check out your sale. :D

  2. Rachael...your home is absolutely Beautiful and happy for you♥
    Xo, Dena


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