Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tarot Prints Now Available!

Hey guys! I have a wonderful update on my Tarot Card project. First of all each card has taken hours.. Not just drawing them out, but painting them, scanning them, editing them.. it's been fun, and tiring. But I'm totally happy with the results so far! I am finished with the Major Arcana and will now be working on the suits. I have had a lot of people ask if I would sell prints of some of the cards and I figured that would be a fun idea.. especially to help me stay motivated!

So to celebrate the finished Major Arcana I am selling them as limited edition prints. This is the "first" edition as I'm sure some changes will be made to the final product. I won't be selling more prints once these are gone until I release the full deck. (Hopefully this fall!)

I'm offering only 5 per card, making it very limited edition. These measure about 5.5x9 inches with a white border so the entire image 8.5x11 inches making it look great in a frame as the white space acts as a border.
Each one will be signed, dated and numbered.. They are wrapped in a plastic sleeve and shipped in a cardboard mailer with lots of little doodles as decoration.

The Tree Talker Tarot now has it's own section in the shop.

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