Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Royal Dining Room Set Makeover.

Last weekend I drove around looking for a new place to live. 
I think I've finally decided on the city, and I'm just looking for the right house or apartment. 
Sadly my plans to move have been postponed again... So I will most likely be waiting until this fall to move. So I have a few months to continue living in my old home. 

I decided I could still change things up enough to make things feel new.
I decided to start with my kitchen table. 
I adore the one that I've been using, but it's been awfully big and tall. 
I tend to bump my knees and ankles on it every time. 
So, I decided to get a new one. 

I only wanted to spend about $25-30 on the whole table and chairs,
 so I went shopping at the thrift stores. I was able to find the table for only $5.00 and each chair for only $5.00! I bought the paint and varnish for only $20.00.

I was wanting to go for an antique royal gothic look. Rather than the country kitchen look the original chairs had going on.  So I had a lot of work on my hands... But I'm totally happy with the results.  

The table turned purple first than a lovely dark brown. I then sanded the sides down to get that worn look I was wanting. Then I varnished the entire table. I did a few extra coats on the top to make it very shiny. I then did the same to the chairs. Sterling painted his own chair, and I painted mine. We figured they would be thrones, and we each needed to put our own energy into them. 
I then reupholstered the original cushion, and made a new one. I bought wood, added foam and stapled the velvet to it like the original cushions, and hid the rough staples with some strategic hot gluing. I then had Sterling help me screw the cushions in, and the silver decor added on top. It was originally dark brown, but I painted it a subtle silver. I'm probably going to be adding something underneath it in that space that just needs... something.
We also added some metal ribbon to the table. Metal ribbon. Have you heard such a thing?! It's real. I painted it with the same brown paint as everything else. and lightly wiped it off.

The entire table is so much smaller, making my kitchen huge
The chairs are super comfortable and beautiful. The table may be small, but it's perfect. 
The cost for the entire table set was a bit more than I was expecting to pay. But, I wasn't planning on adding the back cushions or the metal trims. If I would have kept it simple It would have been done under 30.00 easily... but I'm not one for keeping things simple. 

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