Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Crystal Skulls and Funnel Cake For Dinner

This last weekend we celebrated my birthday. I turned 21 again! I don't feel or look my age, and I honestly can't grasp that I just turned another year older. So, Sterling and I have decided that I will just stay 21 until I look older. Problem solved.

The day started off rough with realizing my printer was giving me the SAME error as before... and I then I went to call the shop  I noticed the phones getting shut off! I never miss payments! We are on a family plan and not everyone paid the bill this month, so we had to pay the full bill which nearly emptied the bank account. That was enough to set my depression off and make me go back to bed and call it quits for the day. Sterling finally convinced me to get out of bed and try to have a good day.

We went to the Gem Faire, and I'm glad we did because of all the healing energy in the crystals.

Sterling had some extra cash that we could use until we get paid back, so we were able to get some crystals for ourselves. Sterling and I each got a labradorite crystal skull, as well as some other crystals.
We then went to a few of our other favorite crystal shops around the area, and shopped a bit more.  One crystal shop has a back room with a throne, so I took advantage of that.  

We later went to the thrift store and found an amazing skull to bring home. 

And we then went home and had funnel cake for dinner.
Because we are adults, and adults can have funnel cake for dinner. 

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  1. Yay for doing adulthood your own way! (And I love labradorite - that's the stone in my engagement ring!)

  2. Happy Belated birthday!! I'm going to be turning 30 in October and I definitely don't feel my age! Funnel cake for dinner is the greatest idea ever! lol


  3. What?! Gluten free?! That's awesome!!

  4. Happy 21st birthday again! Printer issues are the worst. I'm glad your day turned around in spite of that. Those labradorite skulls are incredible! Labradorite is my favorite :)


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