Sunday, March 16, 2014

Be Inspired

I love the above quote. All of the little things listed that drive us to find the beauty in the world. Sometimes I need the reminder.. life is way too beautiful than to be anything but happy. 

My favorite part of the above quote is be inspired. 
Inspiration is the little seed you plant in your heart to get yourself creative.. 

I've been working on illustrating a book for these last few months,
so I haven't had any time to paint for myself! 
All of my inspiration seeds have been packed away in a little pocket in the studio, and a lot of them have sadly been forgotten. So, when I think of painting next, I have no idea what to paint! (Other than my list of commissions, of course). 

I have also been doing yoga daily, which is a wonderful thing for inspiration and creativity.
I was working on the 2nd chakra, the one for creativity and inspiration. 
The question of "What do I want to paint next??" has been in the back of my mind for a while now, and while working on this chakra, it was louder than ever. 

During my meditation, I was focusing on my sacral chakra filling myself with warm gold orange light of creativity.. it dawned on me. Inspiration was everywhere! In the books I read, the music I listen to, my dreams, and my thoughts. I've just forgot to listen to them. 

I picked up a poetry book sitting next to me and thumbed through the beautiful words, ideas and pictures filling my head... 

And suddenly everything I looked at had changed,
because everything holds the seeds of inspiration. 
It's every where. 

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