Monday, January 20, 2014

Stars and Leaves and Pretty Things

I spent almost all weekend painting. I got so much accomplished. It's taken me forever to get everything photographed, edited and listed. Something I haven't done in a while. And I kinda realized how much I don't like this part of running a business. I just like the painting part. Everything else just takes too long and is confusing, and boring. But, sadly this is one of the most important parts of it all.
But, I'm excited because today I added a few new things to the shop!

This weekend I also did some quick facebook giveaways for some sample art! It was a lot of fun and I think I'll be doing more stuff like that. So be sure you follow my facebook to take part in some of the giveaways!

I just listed a new type of painting in the shop! It's totally customizable, and perfect for Valentine's day, weddings, or anniversaries. You can pick the colors, initials, and other details too, like if you want two love birds in the branches, or bats like the one I did for Sterling.

I also did a few paintings of the same basic idea but in outer space! I love love love these ones.
I think they are so pretty. They take a lot of work, but are totally work it.

With the space ones, you pick the colors, and the initials, and any other little details you'd like. I think they are so cute! Like a little hidden message in the stars! This listing is right here. 
The sizes go from 5x7 all the way to 11x17.

And tomorrow I'll be listing these other paintings I've worked on these last few days and weeks.
I have the prices under each work. You can email me for them today, or buy them in the shop tomorrow. A lot of the prices will be raised a bit once they are added to the shop! Plus, the price on the blog here includes NO shipping costs... so getting them today would be a very good idea.
Witchy Woman
 Currently Reserved
 Goddess 7x14
120.00 Will raise to 150.00 tomorrow
5x5 Galaxy Love 
30.00, will be raised to 35.00 tomorrow. 

 Caught Up 
7x14 110.00
Scarf Print: 8x9 $18.00

8x9 $75.00 for original, $18.00 for prints 

Okay, that's about all the writing, editing and listing I can do for now.. I'm going crazy. 
Time for a quick nap, then some art! 

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  1. I want to buy so much of your art! If only I could!

  2. ;.; Your art is SO stunning, lady. You have such amazing talent, and you make such soulful art. <3

  3. Very amazing work my dear. I hope one day to purchase one of your amazing pieces. You really out did yourself this time.

  4. I can totally understand what you're saying about not enjoying the photographing and listing of items. I have two paintings and loads of jewellery that needs photographing and listing and it's been the case since before Christmas but I either forget and get side tracked starting something new or I think about it when it's too dark to take pics. I'm also dreadful at coming up with a description for Etsy of an item and the whole promoting bit. My listings always read a bit like Michael Stipe introducing a song - I saw REM live years ago and he introduced every song as 'here's another song' and normally had either his back to the audience or was looking down.

  5. I love the tree painting you did for Sterling! And I am totally with you on the Etsy thing. I love making jewelry, but actually photographing and listing it is no fun. I have found a way to make the photography part more fun though, by kind of turning it into a game where I try to find anything in my room that could be a photo prop and then match them to the different pieces of jewelry. But I haven't been able to think of a way to make the actual listing part fun. I just have to break it down into small manageable pieces, like listing one item per day, or I will never get it done.


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