Thursday, January 16, 2014

Good News Bad News

I woke up from a really bad dream to some really good news. Cinderskella has been Nominated for Best Cover at this website! I can't exactly tell you which one to vote for.. but you can guess which one my mother voted for... 

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So, that was the first bit of good news for my day. It certainly lifted my spirits from yesterday's post... but then as I put my phone down, I got a phone call from the computer store. 

With some bad news. 

My poor computer's hard drive went out! Gone. Dead. Corrupted. Broken. So sad.

He said they could replace the hard drive for me.. but the price is awfully high. Though not nearly as high as getting a new Mac Book. So, I agreed to do it. 

So, hopefully soon my old Mac Book will be back with a new hard drive. That's the good news.

The bad news is I've lost a lot of my files, music, photos, and programs. But the good news is, I was able to save some of my files onto a hard drive a month or so ago.

The biggest baddest news of all is the price to fix it.

But the good news to that, since there is a bright side to everything is I'm having a sale in both shops to help get my computer back, and possibly some of the programs I need. Like how I desperately need photoshop. 

The coupon code for this sale is LVSALE  for 25% off your order. This is good for anything in both shops, including those paintings that are on sale for only 2 more weeks! Get them while you can! 

Click Here for The Art Shop 

Click Here for The Hat Shop

And if you don't want any art, or hats you can certainly donate here.

Any prints that are sold during this time, please expect a turn around time of about a week. I've got to figure out how to make the printer work without the driver, or the disk. 

Also, if anyone has any options for getting photoshop cheap, let me know. I was using a version my ex got me, so I no longer have any keys or disks. 

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated! It's getting very frustrating when these random universe financial disasters keep hitting... Being self employed is scary as it is... but then as soon as I get one month's finances figured out, something like this happens setting me back like a punch in the face. 

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  1. The links to your shops are sending to the voting page!

  2. it's what sisters are for. also. the coupon code is not valid :|

  3. Hahah sheesh! I can't do anything right today!

  4. GIMP is a great alternative to Photoshop, and it's free! So it should at least hold you over until you can get Photoshop.


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