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Crystal Magic

We have an awesome guest post today. It's perfect, especially after my weekend full of crystal shopping, where I landed my hands on an amazing crystal ball. Marissa, actually posted her crystal ball she found from Target! Only 14.00!! I went and grabbed my own! So, enjoy this amazing post of crystals, and what to do with them! 

Hello Tree Talkers! I am honored to be over here today! I am Marissa and I reside over at Moondaughter, my mystical corner on the interweb :) If you are anything like Rachael or me (which I am sure you are) you love crystals! Or you are at least drawn to their mysterious pull. Once you begin to gather crystals for your collection, look out... you have opened the floodgates! You want to collect every crystal and gemstone you can get your hands on! Soon enough you have an alarming amount of crystals  on your hands, and you have no idea what to do with them! Does this sound familiar?

Do not be alarmed, I have been there and done that too. It's a normal addiction for us magical, artistic folk :) So I am here to help you take a deep breathe....... and figure out the, "now what?"

Let's begin by sorting. There are many ways to sort your crystals, so it depends on your intentions. 

Color: If you are more visual, it may be more pleasing to the eye and easier to sort by color. A lot of the same colored gemstones have the same vibrational frequency as well, so putting like and like together is a very logical choice. This will make it easier to choose which stones you want to use for chakra work (each chakra is associated with different colors) and, of course, you will have a beautiful crystallized rainbow to gaze upon!

Vibe/healing intentions: This will take a little more research on your part, but this also helps you get to know your stones a little better right off the bat. Each stone has a vibe that helps us realign our energies in some way. For example, you can sort 'calming' stones together such as Amethyst, Lepidolite, Celestite, and Aquamarine. Or stones associated with the Moon, like Moonstone, Selenite, Labradorite, and Ocean Jasper. How do you wish to work with your crystals and sort them that way!

Type: This will also take some digging (pun intended), but sorting them into types of stones can be very informative. Quartz is a large family of Clear, Rose, Smoky, Amethyst and Citrine, to name a few. Calcite is a large family, as well as the Jaspers and Agates. You'll be surprised by all the varieties in each of them!

Now that we have our stones sorted, let's figure out how to store them creatively!

Decor: A lot of my crystals end up being my decorations! For example, I have a crystal ball in my jewelry basket  and crystals make great center pieces on tables and shelves! Make sure pets and children can't reach them - shiny high-vibin' crystals are magnets but can be fragile. We don't want to hurt our little ones either.

Jars and Bowls: I love mason jars to store crystals when they are not in use. You can easily see them and you don't even have to open the jar to cleanse them under the moon or sunlight. Bowls create clusters of energy, so be intentional with which crystals you cluster together and they will look like candy dishes with yummy energy!

Drawers and Shelves: Don't underestimate jewelry armoires - they make perfect padded cubbies for stones of different sizes, and are very pretty too. I have a slender dresser I use for my metaphysical items and the top two drawers are dedicated to stones. A Curiosity cabinet and shelves have nice dividers as well. If you need less expensive storage options, there is no shame in using shoe boxes and plastic bead containers.

Now that you have sorted and stored them, explore and have fun!

What color, type, or theme are you drawn to right now? Gather those stones according to the way you sorted them.

Now line those stones up so you can see them in front of you about a foot away. Sit and relax and breathe deeply and gaze at your stones. As you relax deeper and deeper into yourself, soften your gaze until your stones begin to look fuzzy. From this state, which stone is calling your name? What color stand out? Reach for that stone and hold it in your hand and ask it to be your guide and friend. 

When you come out of this state what stone called to you? What are you holding in your hand? Begin to research your stone and how it likes to be used. I recommend these books below:

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Lunar and Crystal Blessings!
Marissa Moondaughter

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  1. I've always been fascinated by Crystals and Stones! Such a lovely post!


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