Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Yule Log

For people of various religions, the time of Winter Solstice is a time for celebration, gathering of families and lighting of lights. This year, I'm celebrating both Yule, and Christmas. I was raised Christian, so saying Merry Christmas is just a habit of mine. But, one of my New Years Resolutions will be to celebrate the Pagan Sabbats. So, this 21st of December, we are celebrating Yule by burning a Yule log.
The season of Yule is about the magic of rebirth. Welcoming the sun and the light back into our world. It' a time to focus on new beginnings and starting things anew. On Yule, the sun stops it's decline from the south, and seems to rise in one place for a few days, and then slowly begins to return for longer periods of time.

Sterling and I decided to celebrate with a Yule Log. We hiked up to our field and picked out the perfect log. We decorated it with pine tree clippings, juniper, cedar, spanish moss and pine cones. Right now, it's serving as a centerpiece on the kitchen table, on Yule, we will hold a burning ceremony, make some goals, and wishes and burn them with the log.
Each different tree, herb, or flower has a different property. Read about them here.  Most of our choices were for protection, health and wealth.
Check out here more information about the Yule, and the Yule Log

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