Friday, December 27, 2013

Big Plans

Is anyone else excited for the new year? I know I am. I've got a list about a mile long of resolutions and things I want to improve about myself.. I'm sure I'll be sharing that soon.. Some times on it, are do more yoga, stop picking my lip, and watch all of Doctor Who from the very very beginning.
That's not all.
This year is going to be big.

A few things I'm looking forward to:
A big move in September. Don't know where... Don't know how... I'm trying to just have faith.
Illustrating another book. (The cover is due in like 2 weeks!  YIKES!)
Coming out with some new artwork. A new line in fact. Different that what I have.

Speaking of that... 

A lot of my current work will be taken down. For good.
Last summer I had a lot of the work shown at Timeless Image.
Sterling and I made a little slide show of us putting up the work.
Most of the work that you see here is what will be gone by the end of January.

A lot of the big pieces have been marked down by 50% off already.. and there is an additional 10% coupon with the code italk2trees. So you could get these paintings for really cheap. Cause I'm not trying to make money with these ones. Just trying to find them a good home.

I would so appreciate some help spreading the news! If you would help share this post, or the link, or anything like that... that would be fantastic. Cause I really want these to find a good home, rather than collecting dust, or getting painted over!

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  1. Random questions... But we are looking to move! Do you know if someone is moving after you? Feel free to email me if you don't want to answer it all here! But how much is rent going to be in September? And do you have like Internet, utilities, or anything like that paid for? I'm dying living in our apartment! I need a yard! Haha

  2. Yeah, they are raising it to like 750 a month. They totally illegally raised the rent, but sneakily found a loophole that made me have to pay it. I would move out sooner if I could! So, aside from rent, I also pay for my own internet, electricity, gas. It's so expensive to live here suddenly. They raised rent nearly 100.00 and the new rental agency is soooo rude. I love the house, but not that much...

  3. Hi !

    I make publicity for you on my Tumblr because I love your work. ;)



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