Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thursday Threads - A Little Vamp

It was a cold rainy day, I had been practicing my lipstick for Halloween. 
My hair was a very very light pink cause I was waiting to dye it.
We ran to the store, and I pulled on this beautiful thrifted shawl.
The entire look ended up looking very vampire like.
I got lots of strange looks.
And it was awesome.

Red and Black Shawl - Thrifted
Hat - Self Made
White Dress - Thrifted
Lace Thigh Highs - Self Made
Boots - Steve Madden

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  1. That shawl is absolutely gorgeous! Ive been wanting to get myself a shawl for awhile now and you've made me want to go and buy one right away!

  2. People were probably staring at you thinking they wished they looked as beautiful as you!

  3. I like this colors on you! very very pretty!!

  4. I love this one! I also really like the light hair on you--plus, it makes the vamp look work extra well :)

  5. Don't you love thrifting? Finding original pieces and sometimes for a quarter of the original price! I came across your blog on The StyleUp and I love your style and all of the aspects of your blog girl! :)



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