Monday, November 25, 2013

Our Ghost Story

As promised to those who have asked.. Here is a bit about what's been happening at my house this last year! I've posted a lot of photos to instagram and have a lot of people want the full story, so here it is!

I have lived in this house for over a year now. I love it. It's a little old house from the 50's. I have arch way doors, hard wood floors, a little nook for a rotary telephone, huge doorbell chimes in the hall and even a ghost. Yes, I do believe my house has a ghost living in it.
When I first moved here I moved in with a roommate. Her room was across the hall from mine, and every night we both swore we heard footsteps in the hall. It was always just fun. We would talk about the foot steps in the hall, or the vase falling from the shelf in plain sight. Ask each other did you move that book? How did the this fall? It was all pretty exciting to be honest. I would often see shadows and shapes move and sometimes "feel" someone sit down next to me.

When I lived in California, I worked for a paranormal investigating company. We would do what they would do on TV. In fact I think at one point the one I worked for had a TV show. We would go to houses, interview them about their activity, record, film, investigate, all that. It was pretty fascinating, and I learned a lot. I've always had a love for ghosts and paranormal activity. So, living in a haunted house is pretty fun. Part of my "training" for the paranormal investigating company was to learn how to cleanse and bless houses. Which is what I do in this house often.

I never have felt anything evil here, but sometimes when the energy gets thick, I will bless and cleanse the house. It's always had a light and playful feel here. I've never felt at danger, though some things that have happened have made me stop in my tracks and bring out my phone for videos or photos.

Sterling moved to my area in December and he noticed the spiritual activity in this house too. He is like me, and is able to see spirits rather than just hear them. I have door beads up in my doorway, and countless times we have seen the door beads move when no one is near.
One time, we got back from running errands. I was headed into the bedroom when both Sterling and I saw and heard the door beads move so vigorously, that Sterling pushed me behind him, thinking there was someone actually in the room. We checked and saw all three animals sitting on the couch.
My bedroom is a strict no pet zone unless I'm in there watching them. The kitty is never allowed in. I have a small table that holds Mowgli's ashes, a Mowgli feather, a stuffed dog, and his favorite old toy his Racoon. It's like a little shrine for my passed on pup. I know. I still mourn. Every so often his favorite toy is moved. Who's to say this isn't Mowgli, or the ghost who lives in this house. I'm pretty certain it's Mowgli though. The little Racoon toy gets moved almost weekly. It's tucked on that shelf pretty secure right between the ashes and a vase of bamboo. Yet, it still get's pulled down. 
This one I do believe is Mowgli. This little raccoon was his favorite toy. The stuffed dog he never saw since I got it after he passed away, and everything else stays in it's perfect spot. But this little raccoon toy is moved constantly. Never too far, it is never a guessing game where he is. But, it's more than just fallen. It is usually about 3 feel away from the shelf.

My roommate has since moved out, and I've turned her old room into a Temple room. Full of all of my magical and spiritual objects. That room has been dedicated to spirit work and sometimes you get a funny crowded feeling in there. It's where we do our moon ceremonies, and it has a great feel to it. This room's history has always been a second bedroom, so I suspect it has been used as a children's room several times.

We never thought much of the activity in the house. Just a little quirk that the house had. Like the arched doorways, my house came haunted. Things have recently changed just a bit.

The house was recently put up for sale this last October. We had some inspectors come out and see what work needed to be done. One inspector was there for a while so I made friends with him. He commented on how there looked like there was moisture coming from the attic, but his reader showed it was dry as a bone. He was confused. He decided to go into the attic and check up there. I told him to let me know if there was any treasure or dead bodies. Since I would be interested in both. A few minutes later he came down saying he seemed to have found both. He handed me th doll. She was a beauty. He said that was all there really was up there, but I was welcome to take a look. I'm not afraid of creepy dolls, or ghosts, but heights terrify me. I went up a few steps on the ladder and poked my head in the attic. All I saw was a table, a chair and a lamp.  Interesting set up for an attic. All that was in there, a doll, a chair, a table and a lamp. I was intrigued. But, the fear of heights got the better of me, and I quickly got back into the hallway.

I would love to say that since we removed the doll from the attic the haunting got worse, since that's how most movies would go.. but that didn't happen. The spiritual activity stayed about the same. Random noises, random shadows, foot steps, sometimes voices. All shrugged off. Then one day about 3 weeks ago we had a bit of a spike in activity. My sage fell from the wall where I hung it, and ended up in the middle of the kitchen. I walked into the living room and watched as Cinderskella fell off the shelf and land about 3 feet from the book shelf! That same day I saw the door beads move, and heard foot steps. I sent Sterling a text telling him about the activity, and we decided to cleanse and bless the house thoroughly that night.

We used a cleansing trick that involved rubbing alcohol and epsom salts. The flame was pretty low and blue. Every time spiritual activity spiked, the flames would spark, sizzle and turn red and orange. We walked around the house casting out anything negative. We got to the hallway, and the flames rose very very high. I took this picture at the right moment.
Right after this picture was taken, I felt a gust of wind blow past Sterling and I and shoot into the attic. The door to the attic moved a bit and we both heard a thud inside the attic. Anxieties and excitement were definitely climbing at this point. We finished clearing the house and let the flames die out on their own. We felt a presence in that attic, and in the Temple room.

We were both pretty shaken and in awe of that experience, but I started to cook dinner. I have some herbs growing in the Temple room, and I went in for some basil. I opened the door and immediately felt someone else in there. There was almost an embarrassment of being in someone else's room where they were crying. I stopped dead in my tracks, and said sorry. I grabbed my basil and quickly went into the kitchen. I tearfully told Sterling what I felt.

We both went in to try to talk to the spirit. Sterling opened the door and felt the same thing as I did. We were suddenly in someone's else's room. I "saw" a little girl with blonde hair. This had been her room, and she was very scared and sad. I'm not going to go into too much details on what happened next because it was actually quite beautiful. Sterling and I spent some time talking to this sweet but sad spirit. Explaining that she needed to move on. Her friends and family were waiting for her if she wanted to cross over. I was bawling like a baby, and Sterling knelt next to her on the floor.
It was beautiful and exhausting. We lit some candles for her, and hoped she would find her way. The next day the Temple room felt at peace again.
Since that time, we've seen the sage fall off the shelf again. More books have been moved. Mowgli's raccoon has been played with. I've heard footsteps in the attic. The door beads move often, right before our eyes, and the footsteps in the hall never seem to cease. We have a lot of questions.. who's doll was it? Has anyone died here? My biggest question is what is under that loose segment of cement that the neighbor's dog always barked and dug at. And why I haven't gotten a crowbar to dig it up.

There isn't an end to this story, since I still live here. But I've had a lot of people ask questions about my "haunted" photos on Instagram and facebook. There is no real way to wrap this up other than saying I will keep you posted. Follow my Instagram for updates!

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  1. Love it! It's beautiful that the two of you were able to communicate with that girl. When I was younger it was common for me to see spirits. It has become more and more rare, but I can still feel them. I don't have an instagram account, but love this!

  2. This sends chills up my spine. I have a couple of my own ghost stories, but from a long time ago. I'll tell you about them some day.

  3. This really interesting! I have a ghost story of my own if you would ever like to hear it!

  4. This is a fascinating and beautiful post! I too have had some unusual spirit activity in the past and I always was intrigued by a show called Haunted Collector. When I buy anything from an estate sale or flea market, I always say a blessing/cleansing prayer for the previous owner. Better safe than sorry!


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