Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hidden Treasures

For years I've been doing this thing since my childhood... shoving stuff under my bed and in my closet. I'm a little bit ashamed, but only a little bit because I'm an adult now, and I can clean my room like a ten year old if I want to! But, I kind of don't want to anymore. So, I decided to be a bit more organized. Now that my bed doesn't have "under the bed storage space" I've been using the closet, which has been a total mess up until today.

I went to the thrift store in search of a mini dresser. I wanted something that would match, but was smaller than my larger dresser. Which I found in my shed a year or two ago, no one claimed it, so it was mine!

I went to the thrift stores near me, and found a few dressers that would work, but they were all about $25 or more! Way too much for what I wanted. Sterling and I decided to go into the yard section of Deseret Industries, and we found this. 

It was pretty nasty, but it was only 6 dollars! I was looking for something with 3 drawers too. Once for socks, one for my work out clothes and one for my painting clothes. This was perfect.

First I gave it a bath, then repainted it to an antique white to match my other dresser. I then sanded the edges for a shabby chic look. Sterling was pretty confused when I started sanding the new paint. I had to explain what shabby chic was. boys...... 

I switched out the knobs for a mismatched look, and it was done! 
The whole thing took about an hour to do. (not including waiting for the paint to dry..)
I loved it so much I gave it a hug. I tend to do that. I hug things I like.
Like desks, flowers, and now dressers..
Sterling snagged a picture.

I spent the day today organizing my closet and my dressers. 
It looks so good! 

The two dressers match almost perfectly. 
The larger one had a lot lighter paint then the smaller, so I might need to make a few changes. 

I'm so happy I bought this for 6 bucks and spent 5 bucks on knobs and paint. 
It's better than I imagined, and I'm proud of the work I did on it.
As I told Sterling when we bought it...

Treasures are hidden in plain sight, but under the mask of hard work. 

Sometimes you need to put a little bit of work into things for them to really shine.
This goes with meals, relationships, fashion, art, and home decor. 
It's what makes life good. 
Not being afraid of a little work. 

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  1. Love this! And thank you for the thought at the end about putting work into things for them to really shine. I am facing a big personal challenge in a family relationship right now--teetering on walking away from it. This was the encouragement I need right now to carry on!

  2. It looks amazing! I found a large chest type thing. The kid of thing you'd put in a large hallway if you know what I mean? It was an ugly color and had missing knobs, but it was nice and sturdy and needed some work done. I sanded it, painted it and put gold knobs on it! I now use it as the main storage and TV stand in our living room!


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