Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween.. Why So Serious?

This was the best Halloween ever. Ever ever ever. Sterling dressed up as The Joker, and I dressed up as his girl Harley Quinn. We've always kinda felt like them a little too much, and seeing each other dressed up like this wasn't a huge stretch. We went to Salt Lake to hang out with his sister and take some photos. She did SUCH a great job on these... and I have SO many to share!

Sterling was the perfect Joker. He looks so much like the joker from the newer Batman movies. He even has the laugh down... and the creepy looks and lip smackings. Perfect.

These costumes were handmade and hand altered. I sewed most of my costumer, altered the hat, and painted the corset. I altered a lot of Sterling's costume. I dyed the pants, the jacket, and painted it. Gave it some elbow patches and a little felt sash in the front. We actually found everything we needed at the thrift store! Not a single thing was bought brand new except for my one red and black thigh high.

We are pretty proud of these and plan to keep them for a long time.
There ARE a lot of pictures... but don't click off the page just yet!
Cause if you can make it through all these of Sterling and I you will be rewarded with photos of the pets in THEIR costumes.

Thank you so so much Jenica for these amazing photos!
Sterling has a few videos from his camera that I hope to post...
Then you can see his awesome Joker laugh.

And as promised, the photos of the pets.

Most fitting costumes ever.
Wicket was a Police Officer. Because he really does think he owns the place and punishes everyone in the house if he thinks they need it. But, putting him into his uniform made him pretty sad.. He just sat in one spot.
Meko went as a Monster. We bought it for him about two weeks ago. He doubled in size since then, so it barely fit him. But, this guy is a serious monster. He uses his teeth for EVERYTHING.
And Anubis went as a Bad Guy, with a Rocket. This cat seriously thinks he is on missions. He runs from room to room at random, like there is a rocket strapped to his back. And the prisoner.... because Wicket always thinks he's in trouble.

After the sunset, Sterling and I started our Samhain Ceremony. We set up an alter to remember those who have passed on, and we welcomed those beyond the veil to spend the evening with us and celebrate the season. Help us, teach us, and be with us. It was a good night.

I hope you had a lovely holiday no matter how you celebrated it.

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  1. Looks like you guys had a blast! Happy Halloween! :)

  2. You guys look great. Well done on the outfits. I'll have to get into the costumes next year.

  3. I'm so happy that you had such a fabulous Halloween and Samhain!!! <3 I love Joker and Harley. I love their relationship!


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