Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mystery Solved!

Okay, I've been sick this week. Waking up and doing stuff has been hard. The last few days have been a cold, and today I had an upset stomach! Sterling did too. He had to leave early from work... He's sleeping on the couch now, and I have willed myself to stay up to get some work done.. It's been yucky around here.
Yesterday we did have our pumpkin carving adventure. We finally felt a little better around 10 pm so we stayed up a bit to carve our pumpkins. Alien Abduction Themed! If you guys know me.. I'm a huge UFO and alien fan.. which reminds me.. GUYS! The quotes you have said for your bracelets for the giveaway have ben amazing. So many Doctor Who and Star Wars fans! I'm so proud...

Anyways, if you guys follow my instagram, you probably remember some of these pictures.

A random mystery plant started growing!
I weeded that area, put down a tarp, AND tree bark to keep weeds from growing back.
Then this mystery plant grew!
Every day I asked it "What are you?!" as it got bigger and bigger and started to take over my porch.
Then, one day it started producing blossoms, then green plants.
My hope was zucchini!
But, nope...
Mystery Solved....
Growing ON my porch!

I ended up getting three pumpkins! I don't know who planted them.. since I've been here for a whole year now, but I got three beautiful pumpkins! Yesterday we decided to carve them up. Sterling got out his trusty GoPro, and I took photos with my camera.

First we started with the perfect fall dinner of Broccoli cheddar soup with grilled cheese.
And the perfect fall colored flowers from Sterling.

 Table of a sick person... huh? 

I'm not one for talking today... I think I'd like to go back to sleep.. but I'm going to try not to.

I still can't get over the fact that these three pumpkins grew on my porch for me.
It was a pleasant mystery.
And we had a lot of fun watching scary movies, carving pumpkins and laughing.

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  1. Lol! Only you would have surprise pumpkins grow on your front porch.
    They turned out great!

  2. Love the picture with Nubi's face in the corner! Glad you're feeling better <3



  3. So much fun, despite being sick! :)

    Also, I know this is off topic, but I was wondering if you could do a video on how you cut your hair? I read before that you cut your own and I adore it! Its so pretty. :)

  4. Oh! Such a good idea!! The next time I cut my hair, I'll have Sterling film it!! Thanks!

  5. I'm going to attempt to grow my own pumpkins for next year! Although may be a little too cold here in Scotland. Hope you feel better soon x

  6. Yay! You're welcome :) I've followed you for quite a while, and I figured it would be cool to do since you've made videos before. (Which were adorable, btw, you are adorable haha). I have short hair too, but I love the way yours looks, so this will be something to look forward to!


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