Friday, November 22, 2013

Actual Progress

Today I made great progress. Leaps and bounds. 
This picture below was taken at 7. Terrible terrible lighting. I know. 
I woke up at 7 am today. Guys! 7 am! 
While still laying in bed I took photos of my two sleepy guys. 
I pulled the covers off Meko first and snagged this sleepy picture, then pulled the covers off Wicket and snapped this gem. By the time I got back to Meko, he had snuck under the covers again. I got him up all loving puppeh momma like, and once he was up, Wicket had snuck back under the covers. It was funny. But, I got them up and out of bed by 7:15. Of course they went straight to sleep on the couch, where Wicket still is deep in slumber.
But, how did I get up at 7 AM you ask?

Well, I thought about trying to wake up an hour earlier every week for a month until I could eventually get used to waking up early, but I realized I normally wake up around 7 AM and have quite a bit of energy, but figure I'll sleep an extra hour. Which ends up into a battle of 4 hours of sleep. So, today I decided to just get up at 7 AM.
Sterling works at 8 AM, so he's always up early. He came and turned the lights on for me so that I would kind of have to wake up. It actually worked. I was up and drinking my morning tea by 7:15.
I am sure it sounds silly. But, I'm very proud of myself. Because I am defeating myself. I work from home now, and therefore I don't have a boss to impress except myself. So yes! I am proud of the progress I've made.

After tea I woke up and did my Yoga. 
This is an old picture.. but I figured it was still allowed. 
I did Yoga for about 40 minutes before I started to feel rather sick. Sometimes when I wake up early I feel physically sick to my stomach. I've always been that way. As a kid waking up for early vacations, or the first little while of school I would have an upset stomach in the mornings. I'm hoping it will subside soon, because I wasn't able to finish my yoga. So, instead I sat and meditated for 20 minutes.

I think one of the biggest things that helped me wake up earlier today was meditating last night. I used to meditate quite often. But, I guess without realizing it, I've fallen out of practice a bit. I would usually clear and ground my chakras until I felt very clear headed and refreshed. So, last night as I was laying down to sleep, instead of pleading with my future groggy self to just try to wake up, I cleared my mind completely. I focused on each chakra, it's color, it's placement, and it's feeling. I meditated on each one until I felt I was clear. I then grounded myself, and aligned my personal energy field with the Earth's. This would usually be something that I would do in the morning to give myself energy, but I did it before bed, and instead focused on sending that energy to my future self. By the time I was done meditating and charging I think it was about 3 in the morning. But, I was able to wake up at 7 am feeling refreshed. I'll be taking a nap later today when I get some work done... but meditating, clearing, and sending energy is something I will be doing more!

 Today I will be working on some paintings I've been doing this week. These pictures are very very rough right now.. I may not show you the finished copies until later! The first photo is actually for my sister for Christmas. I've decided to do paintings for Christmas gifts this year.. wow did I bite off more than I could chew.. I have a pretty big family.

I'm so thankful I was able to wake up early today. I have energy. I'm happy. I'm feeling more like myself today than I have all week. This is something I need to keep up. I'll figure it out.

And please stay tuned! Monday I've decided to share the Ghost Story of my house. We've had some strange things happen here, and I've only shared with pictures on Instagram... but it's about time I wrote the actual story!

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  1. I think that having a ritual at night whilst readying for bed is exactly what we all need to do for ourselves. To go over our day, not lingering on it all, but just going through it a bit. Allowing ourselves to let go of any fears, irritations, and/or worries. To accept ourselves, as we are, in that moment...saying, "I accept myself" and believing it! Deep breaths, and as we let them out, let go of that above stuff...grounding is fabulous. Then end with a symbolic, yet physical, something that we would do every night; turn off a lamp, blow out a candle, etc.
    I'm glad you found a release Rachael, that's beautiful! Keep up the good works!

  2. Yes! I love the candle idea! Sterling and I use candles a lot, and we each have our "own" candles by our side of the bed, where as we blow them out, we thank ourselves or say something nice about us. Like "Good night rachael! Goo job today!" It's a little silly, but it is actually very helpful!


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