Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dear Little Fairy

This is a "Guest Post" written by Sterling. I haven't been able to blog much this week, so Sterling offered to write a post for us. This is a little story he came up with while I was feeling pretty sad. Every time the fairy talked, he made his voice as high pitched and squeaky as he could. I actually laughed. I eventually got out of bed and made us some hot chocolate and felt a little normal. I love Sterling's writing style, and love to hear what he writes, this one made me cry, but honestly... everything does. Even happy things. Anyways.. Enjoy today's post, brought to you by the most handsome and sweetest man I've ever seen. 

So as stated before, Rachael has been going through some rough times.  I’m not sure if any of you have either dealt with depression or known someone who has but it’s something that I’ve faced throughout my life as well. Having Rachael in my life has been an incredible blessing because as we walk on our path of life, we are able to help each other up when one falls.

I’d like to tell you though, about what it’s like to find Rachael when she’s having a bad day and I think it’s best to describe it through a story…

A man was once walking down a forest path when it began to rain. It was a forest that he had traveled through many times but seeing as the rain began to get worse, he knew that he had to stop and find shelter.

As he found his way deeper into the forest to escape the storm, he heard a small whimpering coming from underneath the pedals of a daisy.

He bent down to see a small little pixie fairy with bright pink hair crying. The soggy pedals from the daisy were drooped over her head, almost covering her completely. The man would’ve completely walked past unless he had heard the soft whimpering.

“What’s wrong little fairy?” the man asked earnestly as it broke his heart to see such a lovable creature so sad.

“The world is an unfair place and I am done with it!” she exclaimed as her makeup ran down her cheeks.

The man himself almost burst in tears to see the fairy so sad.  He reached his hand out but she withdrew and more water came down on her creating the saddest little frown he had ever seen!

“What has the world done to you to be so unfair my little one?” He softly asked.

“I am tired of this world! I am tired that the world out there is mean and unjust!” she sobbed.

He could tell that she was exhausted. Not from taking shelter in the storm but from trying her best to enlighten a world that was not wanting to be enlightened.

“It’s not the world I must admit. I do love these trees and the forest that is protecting us from the storm,” she admitted. “It is the giving and giving and never being refilled! I’ve given all I can to all the travelers that come through my forest but they don’t seem to see me anymore! From what I can tell, this world no longer believes in the magic of my time. Because of this, I am no more than the mud I sit in right now!”

The tears began to flow more than the rain from the storm and the man could see that there was almost nothing he could do to make it any better.

“Well, I see you…” he said sheepishly while looking at the puddles that began to form around the trees.

“Obviously!” she cried, “But will you remember me? Will you remember that there is more to life than simply traveling but that there is a world of beauty that surrounds us right now??”
She pointed in an exclamation out to the trees that surrounded them and the man’s eyes were opened!
He saw the beautiful colors of the leaves in the trees as they changed because of the rain that fell on them. He saw the grass begin to flow because of the wind around him and saw that this was a world he would have never encountered had he taken the time to appreciate it.

“It’s… BEAUTIFUL!” he exclaimed.

“I know right?” She smiled through her tears.

They sat and looked into the woods and saw the wind circle around them and the trees began to dance. The noise of the storm became an entity of it’s own and was music to their ears.
The man smiled for the first time in a long time because he too was as she described. Always traveling and always going somewhere and never stopping to realize the beauty that was always around him.

He smiled to himself and turned to her. “Thank you my dear little fairy. Thank you for letting me see you and for showing me the beautiful forest that you live in!”

She slowly rose from the mud puddle that she sat in and finally wiped her tears. Looking up at the man she began to glow with delight! “Thank you kind traveler. You yourself have done me a favor as well.” She then pointed through the trees as the clouds began to part and the blue sky began to peak through, showing that the storm was almost over.

He awed at the sight and said “And what did I do for you?” but as he looked back to the daisy that once held the little fairy, he saw that she was gone! He turned around but there was nowhere she could be found! He began to question whether or not he had seen the magical creature in the first place.

Looking back to the open sky, he could see that the storm had stopped and the sun began to show. Travelers had appeared from the shelter that they had taken and were back upon the path of the journey to their destination.

He stood up and looked up to the large tree that was in front of him and smiled.

“Thank you my friend…”

Sterling loves to leave notes everywhere, the fridge, the mirror, the white boards, even tucked in my sketchbook. This is the note that's been up for months now in my bedroom. 
I finally took meaning to some of these words.
I'm a pretty lucky gal.  

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  1. Sweet story Sterling. No doubt you love Rachael.

  2. absolutely pictured Rachael as the fairy, wearing Julia Roberts' clothes from Hook.

  3. Super cute! It's a nice reminder :) and a story to cheer anyone up on a gloomy day. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Loved it. What a beautiful mind your boyfriend has, Rachael! Just like you! You both should collaborate on a creative story one day and paint pictures to it :). I would be the first buyer!

  5. wow!!! just wow! i do struggle with depression and have for MANY years. it sucks, it seems unfair that your mind is so difficult. why can't life be a smooth journey, instead one day we want to conquor the world but the next we can't seem to even smile. that you feel like you can't just be normal! you want to run into the forrest and sit in the rain and let it wash the tears from your face. that's why i feel like i relate so well to rachael bc we both struggle with this invisible disease. thank you for sharing this! it made me feel better (and im having a good day!).

  6. The two of you are just too cute! Love it :)

  7. LOVE. thank you for sharing this. THIS is the kind of love and support those of us who deal with depression need. Beautiful <3


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