Thursday, July 4, 2013

Thursday Threads - When It's Hot

My house doesn't have AC. We have a swamp cooler. I can't set my house to 72 degrees and know it will stay. I can turn my swamp cooler on in the morning and hope it keeps it reasonable.
This last week the temperature outside has been over 100. 
Every day.
Our house averaged about 82-83 degrees.
Not too bad.
But, when you come home from being in the hot car, there isn't much relief.
So, Sterling and I decided to just play outside for a bit. 
We went to Provo River to collect rocks for a pathway in my backyard.
He did all the muddy rock seeking...
He carried the big bucket of rocks.

I'm kind of useless like that sometimes.
I tried carrying the bucket for a bit but promptly set it down and let Sterling carry it. 

For 100 degree weather, I feel like I picked the perfect outfit to play in the river with. 
Because when it's hot out, you play in the river. 

Doily Lace Shirt - Chicnova
Pink Denim Shorts - Nowistyle
Teal Bandeau - Target

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