Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Little Anubis

Remember that kitty we rescued? Little Anubis? 
The sweetest kitten in the world? Well, I've got a bit of an update on him. 
I've had him for about a week and a half now and
 even though he was given to us as "feral" he has been extremely sweet and loving. 
He cries for me when I'm not around, sleeps on my shoulders,
 sleeps in my arms, sleeps on my lap, sleeps, sleeps, sleeeeeeps. 

I got him from a person off the street basically, 
but she also gave us vet papers showing he had his vaccines from the clinic. 
Showing he had a clean bill of health. 

But, I knew something was up. 
Kittens shouldn't sleep like that. 

Other than the sneezing and gooey eyes, he slept too much for a kitten. 
He didn't have the energy to play, or the attitude of a kitten. 

So, I made an appointment with my vet.

I brought in Wicket for his annual shots, and little Nubi to see what was going on. 

Wicket got his two shots and was back in my arms within seconds, 
but little Nubi had a really high fever of 104.8 and a bad respiratory infection and an eye infection. 

It was pretty clear that if I hadn't had taken him into my home, then into the vet he would be dead.
He wouldn't have had the energy to get food, or run from danger. 

I was worried he was going to have to stay over night hooked up to IV's and stuff, but she let me take him home. He got shots, medication and drops, and instructions for care.

With urgency in the vet's eyes and voice she said this fever needs to come down now. 
She instructed me to bathe him in ICE COLD WATER when I got him home.

She gave me his medicine and the bill and I looked him in the eye and said,
"Don't worry man, I got this one. I can pay."
The bill was almost 3 times what I had planned on paying..
I left the vet pretty distraught. 

I was nervous to bathe a kitten in ice cold water, but he was too weak to fight back. 

After I wrapped him in a towel and started to towel dry him, 
I told him I was sorry. 

And that he was dealt a pretty bad hand. He's had a really rough start to his little life.
But, I'm going to do everything in MY power to make things better for him, 
and to make sure his life is long and happy from now on. 
Because I have the power to make HIS life better. He wasn't given many options.
I was. 
And because of me, and the things I CAN do, I can help him recover.
And even though sometimes we are dealt a bad hand, there will always be help from others.

It was a good talk.

Then this morning, he has been walking around crying.
And I noticed his limp.
I hadn't noticed it too bad, but it's almost like his hips have had some damage.
He hadn't walked much the last week because he was so sick.
And now that he's feeling a tad bit better, I've noticed the weird limp.
So, he will probably be back to the vet for x-rays. 
But, like the talk from last night, I can still help him with his rough start.

If you'd like to help Nubi and his surprise vet bills I've started a sale in both of my shops.
Enter the code FORNUBI for 25% off your entire order.
I have this going in my hat shop and my art shop.
The sale will last one week. 

All proceeds will go to Nubi's vet bills and health care, and every purchase will include a hand written thank you card from me and Nubi. I'll seriously dip his paw in ink and everything.

If you aren't able to help by making a purchase please help spread the word by sharing one of my shops, or even this page. Every bit counts. 

I hate to ask for help like this, but sometimes you are dealt a bad hand, 
and need the love and help of others. 

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  1. Aw, poor baby! I hope that he can get better soon. I wish I had the money to buy something but I literally have nothing in my account. I will definitely help spread the word though.

  2. Don't worry about it! I'm seriously not looking for just money.. Even people sending him energy helps us out so much! Thank yoU!

  3. Sending tons of prayers & possitive energy Anubis' way (yours too!) Shared on FB & Twitter... hope it all helps. It's so heartbreaking when our furbabies are sick and/or in pain.

  4. Will you take a straight out donation? I get paid today and if I have something after bills I would love to donate some money to y'all for the bills. I totally understand what you seem to be going through.

    Sending much love and light to the kitty and y'all.

  5. Thanks so much!! It's been hard since we just got him and he hasn't been around for too long.. but I broke down and cried just at the thought of loosing him! I don't think he's in danger of that though..

  6. I would accept a straight donation, but I would love to sell a print or a hat too. That way you get something in return. If you'd like to do a straight donation, my paypal email is But let me know, because I would love to still do a little something for you! xoxo

  7. Oh wow Rach, this is so sad, but also amazing! You have a special and kind heart. I hope he is able to be healed!

  8. I totally understand. Once they're yours, they're yours. =) I had a new kitten for maybe a month when she got super sick (high fever, alien eyes, lerthargic & started to limp), it ended up she got scratched by my older cat & it got infected (celluitis). It was super scary but she ended up being fine.

  9. I'm broke but I've shared the link! Hope you get all money ya need!!!!

  10. <3 Oh Rachael, and this is, one little reason, why I am your friend and adore you so. You have such a good heart, and I am so thankful, SO THANKFUL, you saved baby Anubis. He's in good hands, for sure. I hope he gets 100% better, 150% better. If I receive ANY cash for my birthday, I will definitely help. In the mean time, I will share this link!!! <3 So much love for you and Nubi.

  11. Awww poor little guy! Sending you best wishes for little Nubi's speedy recovery. I just shared this on Twitter and will be giving your shop a proper look after work : ). My hubs and I adopted two kitties last year and lost one a few months ago in a really tragic event so I can def relate to the sadness and vet bills.
    blog: Cuddly Cacti

    E-Shop: Mitla Moda

  12. I actually just managed to convince my boyfriend to get us some art to help out Nubi, and I think he's excited to get it and I'm excited to help. I really hope your little guy is okay! I know I'd be upset and want any help I could get if anything happened to my cat. Good luck!

  13. I've got bought myself one of your hats - I've been eyeing it up for ages so when I found out you were having a sale to help pay for vet bills I took this as a sign. I'm a bit of a crazy cat lady so anything that will help out a 2 legged and a 4 legged friend is good with me :)

  14. I've got bought myself one of your hats - I've been eyeing it up for ages so when I found out you were having a sale to help pay for vet bills I took this as a sign. I'm a bit of a crazy cat lady so anything that will help out a 2 legged and a 4 legged friend is good with me :)

  15. Hey I hope your kitty is doing ok. I wanted to tell you not to put the paws in ink b/c it absorbs into the skin and makes them very sick.

  16. Ive got some organic/natural paint ink that I looked into. It said it should be fine for paw prints and foot prints.

  17. oh darnit... i didnt realize the coupon code was only good for a week. that's what i get for putting things off I suppose. Hope little Nubi is doing so much better though!


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