Monday, July 15, 2013

Anubis The Lucky Cat

I was blessed with a very usual surprise this weekend.

Sterling and I were going to a local army supply shop to look for hats and other camping/outdoor gear. 
We were walking in, with our drinks when we saw the sign on the door, 
It said, "No Food or Drinks."
So, we turned around to put our drinks back in the car..

If it hadn't have been for that, we never would have met Anubis. 
Not the Anubis of the Egyptian underworld.. but this Anubis. 
We put our drinks back into the car and started walking back to the store. 
A lady asked, "Do you want a free kitten??"
How could I not turn around?

Sterling and I had talked about getting a kitty. 
We wanted a little kitty friend for Wicket while he is home alone.
We decided not to go seeking one. 
We agreed, that if one crossed our path, under the right circumstances, we would get the kitty.

So, when I heard, "Do you want a free kitten?" 
I said yes. 

I walked back to the lady, who we found out was the owner of the store.
She was holding a feral cat trap with a scrawny tired kitty inside. 
He was caught that day, taken into the vet, vaccinated, neutered, and his ear was clipped. 

The lady said she felt drawn to ask us. 
Sterling and I decided to discuss it.
We talked about it. About him and Wicket getting along.
About how cats climb on everything, how they get into little spaces and break nice things.
How they have claws and teeth and like to kill birds.

We talked about how he was an orphan, and was under weight.
How he was so young and could use a loving home and someone to train him not to kill birds, 
someone to train him not to jump on tables and shelves. 
Someone who would trim his claws and brush his fur. 

We called the lady back, and said we'd take him. 
She was so sweet and happy he found a home, she offered to buy his litter box, litter and food. 

And then the socializing began.
Poor kitty was terrified at first. 
He wouldn't eat, or drink, he was groggy and cranky.
Rightfully so. 

And finally, after long hours of talking to him, meowing at him, finally petting, and hanging out.
I got him on my lap. I trimmed his nails, brushed his fur and force fed him by hand.

He remembered how to eat shortly after and ate a big bunch. 
He drank a lot of water then laid in my lap.
He burped, got so scared of his sudden burp that he hissed.

And last night I went into his room to say good night.
He snuggled up to my face, crawled on my shoulders and nuzzled my ear.
I was almost in tears.

I told him every day was going to get better for him.
He won't wake up in pain and confusion again.
He is safe.
He will always have food provided for him.
He will always be kept warm and safe and dry.

I told him sometimes we don't know what we need until it's handed to us. 
Sometimes we didn't even know we wanted it until we suddenly have it.
And sometimes when black kitties cross our paths it's not always a bad thing. 

And to continue with the spirit of happy things! 
Our giveaway winner has been announced! 


  1. Such a sweet story. I'm so glad you guys were there to give him a good and safe home!

  2. What an adorable kitty and a great story. I hope he lives a long and happy life with you :)

  3. Oh my. <3 This story sent shivers down my body, in a wonderful way. I am so happy you all met one another. Wedge was a lucky kitten, born in a little old lady's house and loved on until we adopted him... Mau was on the street, caught and that night, he was going to be put down but we randomly decided to look on KSL and saw an ad saying just that... they had too many... so we rushed in, right before closing, and adopted him. Both of our babies come from different backgrounds, but we saved them both. Same with the birds, and even Finn!

    I cannot... CANNOT... thank you enough for saving this little sweetheart. <3 You and Sterling rock. The pictures made me want to happily cry. Look at how loved he is!!!

  4. lovely pics and sweet cat you have!!!

    wanna follow each other`?


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